Monday, October 31, 2011

A Winner! ...or two

Well once again I have picked a winner and the winner is Lorna from Artymess.
We're both pretty sure this random number generator is rigged because it's the third or fourth time she's won a giveaway here.
I decided to pick another in addition to assuage our  collective guilt for her winning so often so my arctic sister/neighbor Kim Henkel  of Letting in the Light is the winner of another set of clips.
My husband could practically drop them off at her house as he's driving south next week.
She's a mere 500 miles away but lives off of the same highway as us in another country.

I was also a winner on my very special birthday.
I got this handmade pendant from my new Finnish friend Heidi that was taking metal-smithing at  the University of Alaska as an exchange student.

My friend Heather of Mountain Heather hats found this treasure trove of old nails in the Adirondack on her recent trip. My friends really know what I like!
You should check out her winter hats if you're in the market for a new warm hat this winter.
One of our friends was on a trip to France and spotted and recognized one of her hats on someone there so they're becoming international.

My other Finnish friend Reija put in an order with her mother back in Finland and I got a couple of pairs of toasty handmade socks.
Lucky me as it was below zero this morning!

I've been buttoning up... quite literally last minute projects before I fly south next week.
These are a design I came up with a few years back with antique buttons and silver. I made up a hefty batch of these.
Now it's time for emptying the fridge, packing up non freeze-ables from the studio and the house, figuring out which tools need to make the trip with me plus getting ready for one last show in Fairbanks.
Since it's a two day show I'm going to try out featuring my jewelry and lampwork one day and altered art the next since I don't have room  anymore for all of my creations on an 8 foot table anymore! 
These will be up in my Etsy shop after the middle of November.  Currently it's on vacation stop while I make the move south.


  1. omg I love those earrings!!!
    I am going to keep my eye out for them in the shop.
    Have a great show and a safe trip south.

  2. Congrats to the winners! Love your new socks! Hope you have a good trip!

  3. Wow Kim, I am thrilled to be a winner! Thank You!! I just sent you an e-mail but didn't mention winning the lovely clips, as I didn't know. What a wonderful surprise!
    Thank you again!
    ANd I love the button and wire earrings. And the old nails are so very lovely!
    Good luck at your last Fairbanks sale, and have a safe journey south.

  4. LOVE your button earrings!! Congrats to the winners....Lucky ducks!

  5. Hi. I've just become your newest follower after sipping a cup of tea and reading your blogging posts. Love you sense of humour and your artwork. I'm sorry to hear that Candace is missing. I hope she finds her way home. Come for a visit sometime.

  6. your button earrings are fantastic... glad to know you are flying south soon, getting pretty cold... x


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