Monday, May 31, 2010


Candace found her way back to Boston. She's a real New England girl at heart. You can see what's she's up to with Corrine here.  She'll be going to a fiber arts festival at SQUAM  later on which we're excited about.

And here are some random photos just because I felt like blogging today and wanted to share some tidbits of randomnosity

Necklace that was inspired by my visit to Kino Bay, Mexico.
I was trying to capture the pink shells that I found on the beach.
Pink is a color not usually found in my lampwork palette.
I chose the apatite chips that evoked the color of Kino Bay.

Some dollies that watch me as I work on the computer. Original 60's trolls with blue jeans garments that I fashioned for them when I was 11. The doll in turquoise blue is my "Kimmy" doll that I received as a gift the week I was born.

My booth at the "Bad Girls of the North" show last fall.

Trying to keep warm at a bluegrass festival in the mountains.
This is the Cantwell Music festival on the longest day of the year which wasn't so very warm.
( The dude to the left of me is Mr. Coryosity, aka Coryman, Daveman the Caveman)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi Ho Silver, Candace Rides Off Into the Sunset

Candace arrived in New England to visit Corrine from Dosfishes and got to enjoy their horses. I have a few more pics of her relaxing after her harrowing 2 week journey from Toronto to New England but they're on my laptop presently, I'll post them later.

An 1800 pound horse named Henry and a

1,500 hundred pound horse named Tyco were

no match for Candace.

Here she is getting up close and personal for

a pat. and a little smooch...

Henry is a 30 year old percheron/clydesdale mix and Tyco

is a 4 year old percheron paint.  They are best buddies and

groom each other every day while out grazing. Candace loved


She soon swung up to ride bareback on Henry off into the sun...
one little tiny hand holding his mane.

David was there to provide a boost up!  Bandit would have been

a better choice but he was having none of it.  Candace was sad

and throwing a little bit of a tantrum as she looked at the ground.

Wild mini ponies have a mind of their own...

Candace will be traveling with us to Boston

over the weekend  for some more arty adventures...

Check out more about Candace


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shots of Color for the "Coloraholic"

I used some old preschool puzzle pieces that I picked up at a thrift shop, glued vintage photos or magazine pictures and then painted and stamped over them. A few I crackled with a crackle product and inked afterwards.

 These were a little more muted.
I like the bottom one with the barbed wire.

Even stamps that have text can make a  nice design if you randomly stamp it. (upper piece)

From an old Family Circle ad.

I was surprised how many rubber stamps I had collected. I've never used them much.
This one I bought when I was a dump truck driver.
You can see the ghost images of the vintage photos I used over the pre-school puzzle pieces.
Magazine images worked better because they didn't warp the puzzle pieces at all. The vintage photos were of such good quality paper they held the moisture longer so it warped them.

This one has a case of eczema form the crackle and ink treatment I gave it.
I'm learning from experimenting.

This big headed guy has appeared in a few of my pieces. I had been saving him from my Thai aspirin packages from my first visit in 1998. I've bought more just for the packages since then.

Sometimes I wonder what the captions should be on these.

Bold background and vintage images.

The composition of this original photo was so unbalanced I wanted to take advantage of it.

I used  some of the background of the admiral picture here but you have to look carefully to see it.

This baby's face was floating in the middle of the original photo. It needed some flair... and tea!

Sometimes things just don't need that much embellishment to speak.

I was reading Corrines' Dosfishes blog about her love of color. She and another blogger, Lorna of Artymess have dubbed themselves "coloraholics".  I've come to realize that my colors with beadmaking and jewelry designing tend to run toward more muted combinations. 

When I first started out my lampworking  (glass bead making for those unfamiliar with that term) my business name was going to be "Binga Beads". 
Binga was a name that my little sister had given me when she couldn't pronounce Kim. ( My brother Brian was "Wungie"!)

 The first handmade lampwork beads I had ever seen were those of Isis Ray  of Seattle who was doing whimsical bold and brightly colored beads that she would combine to make Space Needles and other fun combinations.

Somehow as I put more time into my beads they seemed to take on another persona, more ethereal and organic and the Binga Beads just didn't seem to fit right. 

I had been taking some Jungian dreamwork classes and they used the word "Numinous" to describe a sacred attraction, something imbued with meaning as in a numinous dream that speaks to your soul.

I was walking downtown in my first attempt to peddle my wares and was so new at the process I didn't have a business name or even cards for my earrings. The gal I showed my work to gave me the advice on how to better present my work for shops and galleries. When I walked out of the shop I spotted my Jungian Dream teacher and the name *Numinosity* jumped into my head.

Hmmm, I thought I was going to talk about color here- I guess that little story needed to come out!

I was inspired to use my new papers that I just received from my colored paper swap at LaWendula's of Woven letters Blog and the materials I got from Laura at Found Memories Art so here are my new shots of color that I created in the studio yesterday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Crushes and Brushes with Fame


When I was a very young girl, perhaps about 4 years old or so I was watching the Young People's Concert on TV that was hosted by Leonard Bernstein. I exclaimed to my mother excitedly "WHO IS THAT MAN?" Leonard Bernstein, she replied. "I LOVE HIM!" I said.
I guess at four years old that was a tough name to remember so every once in a while I would ask her "Who is that man I love?.... Leonard Bernstein" she would answer. "Lets say it" I would ask and we would repeat his name a few times, "Leonard... Bernstein.....Leonard Bernstein" hoping that the repetition would indelibly seal itself in my brain until the next time I needed to call him to mind. At one point I even put in a request for a Leonard Bernstein coloring book.
I mean we had one for Captain Kangaroo for Pete's sake! ( did I really just say for Pete's sake? that is so not me!) My folks happened to have a friend that actually KNEW Leonard Bernstein and it was reported to him that there was this little girl that wanted to have a Leonard Bernstein coloring book. and do you know what he said? "How Sweet"

I think that my mother thought that this might mean that she'd have a musician in the family but I'm afraid in my case it meant a groupie. I went on to have crushes on Hoagy Carmichael, Gene Kelly (we had an album where he sang children's songs) Harry Belafonte and even Jimmy Durante!

I continued on with my musician crushes- Paul McCartney of course. One of the problems I had with my Paul McCartney crush though was that after seeing " A Hard Days Night" in second grade I realized the inappropriateness of our age difference and had to work out my fantasies into something like me being his child and he would "Want to hold my hand" and we could listen to Beatles records together.

Into the teenage years was intrigued by another conductor, Seiji Ozawa. I had a full on crush on Leonard Cohen's voice and Tim Buckley. There was a boy at school that looked like Tim Buckley so that was enough for me to have a crush on him although I never did actually speak to him, I'm not sure I even knew his name. Mystery is good for crushes sometimes.

When I was in college I was telling my grandmother about a friend that was going to be studying for two weeks under Leonard Bernstein and then two weeks under Seiji Ozawa.
My grandmother quickly exclaimed "I'd like to spend two weeks under Seiji Ozawa!, I just think he's so charming!" at which point my grandfather said. "Marion always did have a bit of the Aphrodite in her" My mother still cannot believe that this conversation took place!

As far as brushes with fame, my friend and I climbed up on an outdoor stage where Dr. John was playing and danced in the background.

I square-danced with Dave Brubeck's son when they came to Alaska in the late 70's. My mom said that was equivalent to one of my kids dancing with Paul McCartney's kid's in her mind.

Since then I've only had a couple of brushes with celebrity. Jeff Tweedy from Wilco was tying his shoe on the bench I was sitting on in the Chicago airport. I had just seen them in concert a month previous, otherwise I wouldn't have recognized him, I was that new to Wilco.

Susan Stamberg from NPR stopped by my booth at the Farmers Market and admired my work.
I didn't realize who she was until I saw her picture in the paper a few days later.

Aside from a minor Palin sighting at the market that's about it for my brushes with fame. (no, she didn't stop by and admire my wares but that's OK)

As far as my crush on Leonard Bernstein goes, it's still easy to see why I was so inspired by that passion and energy he exuded and why I was so thrilled by him at my sophisticated young age of four.

I would love to hear about your first crushes and brushes too~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Winnah!

A quick post from the land of the midnight sun to announce the winner of Post 101 Giveaway is Lorna of Artymess! I just know she'll take good care of Augustus.   Thank you all for stopping by and entering.

We're hoping to hear from Candace soon. She should be arriving in New England any moment to be hosted by Dosfishes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wifi and Blogging from the Market

My booth at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market, Fairbanks Alaska where I can be found most Saturdays.

My new "Glinchie Magninchies" glass tile magnets with alcohol inks.

Busy this week decoupage-ing tags with vintage images.

So I'm trying to overcome my dial-up woes and am trying out a new gizmo that is like an aircard for internet. They lured me in with boasts of high speeds and other satisfied customers.
It's new, it's fast, I'll try it! I am absolutely underwhelmed with the performance of my "Mifi" out where we live. Slower than dial-up if you can believe it. I tested it at the library in Delta where I had been going for a more high speed connection and it didn't even work near the cell tower there. Now I'm putting it through my last test at the farmers market in Fairbanks and finally it's performing up to speed. Now I have the dilemma of trying to decide if I want to keep it just for my business to be able to process credit cards on the spot on the computer. (I use Propay and have been quite happy with that method with my seasonal sales)
Well folks must sense that I'm hooked up today because I've already had three credit card sales this morning at a market where cash is more frequent than credit.
I guess I should make up some more vintage key and wire necklaces~I just sold the second one since the last paragraph. Nothing like focusing on something in the booth to bring interested folks by to interrupt. I'm not complaining about those kinds of interruptions of course.
The first one has gone to one of my loyal readers, I'm happy to say!

This is seriously proving to be too much of a distraction now live from the market so I'm off until my giveaway announcement tomorrow Sunday night, May 23rd. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Giveaway 101... Post That Is

I suppose I needed a course called Giveaway 101 when I first attempted one on my new blog last fall but this is actually for my One Hundred and First posting on this blog.

On that first giveaway I made the entry criteria so stringent that I'm sure several folks that thought they were in the running actually didn't qualify. Oh well, you learn a bit along the way.

I won my first two giveaways both in the same week a couple of weeks ago and have some pics of my loot along with a lovely trade I recently received. I took advantage of the bedroom repainting and carpeting to photograph the little piles of goodies.

My giveaway is a rather random assortment of prizes. I hope I don't confuse anyone by posting my winnings on the same day but I had been meaning to show them off.

All I need you to do is comment to be in the running. If you want to be counted twice post a picture link to your blog sidebar and let me know that you've done so. I also need a way to get ahold of you when you win so P L E A S E make sure that I have some way to find your email address. The winner will be picked Sunday 6:00PM Alaska Time.

Thanks for following, Kim

Augustus, *Numinosity* beads and more in my giveaway.

First of all is an Original Messalonskee Moppet, friend and cohort of our famous world traveling Candace.

Meet Augustus, a fine fellow all dressed in yellow. He was getting a bit envious of Candace and was yearning for a trip so I'm sending him off to a new home. In addition to that I'm giving away a *Numinosity* Bead, (a periwinkle, turquoise, black and transparent aqua lentil shaped bead)
A small vase shaped cobalt bead
Two lampwork cabochon swirls
A half of a clear bead flecked with genuine placer gold mined from the 40 Mile River off of the Mighty Yukon.
Two squares of gold leaf from Thailand
Two of my new "Glinchie Magninchies" (small magnets made with glass tile and inks)
And one gold fumed whorl on cobalt silk ribbon. ( I told you it was random!)

A little closer now. See what you can win!

This is what I've done with some of my winnings already.
Preschool puzzle pieces decoupaged with vintage photos and magazine images.
I'll be adding more to these and making tags or ornaments from them.

I won this sweet box full of treasures from Becca at Patina Moon
Each piece artfully wrapped and exquisitely presented in a decoupaged box.

I won this from Laura at Found Memories Art
It was jam packed with papers and ephemera and even an art book!
Note the puzzle pieces above, I've already put some of the pieces together for a new project.

A most lovely trade with Lorna from "Artymess"
The packaging itself was a treat!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Now I Know I'm Really Home~ The Beginning of My Morning Routine

My walk to get the newspaper, heading to the woods.

There's a little trail cut through the thick black spruce. Sometimes I even miss the trail so I've set a big round rock by the berm at the trailhead.

The trail leads to a big homesteader's field and the neighbor's spectacular log house is in view.

Duckies bathing in the low spot in the field.

There's always some good old junk laying around. This is where I'll find a blueberry patch later on in the season.

After I pick up the paper I make myself walk up to the top and sit and read the paper if it's not too windy or the mosquitos don't run me off. 

I'm still awestruck by this vista from our road.

Walking back home.

I admit to have a bit of blogophobia the past few days because you see it's my 100th post and I promised to have a giveaway. Since I don't have my s#*t  together for a giveaway I am going to delay it until post 101. Instead I'm going to take you on the walk that means the beginning of the summer season and my home routine that I developed last year, which was my first summer off in 26 years since the birth of my boy.

Coryman, my husband has trotted of to his first day of work doing archaeological survey at the nearby military base. It's a government requirement that these surveys are done before they blow any land to smithereens in their training runs. This particular area is rich in archaeological finds as it was the main corridor for the hunting and traveling of  land bridge peoples. He's probably in his last season of working this job as he hopes to go into full retirement later on this summer.

I will secretly admit (yeah, as this if this is really secret on a blog!) that I quite enjoy having the days to myself to play and create. I live with a most energetic man and sometimes our ideas of what a full day is differ. I'm a slow and late riser but gather steam as the day progresses and he's an up & at 'em kind of man-work ethic type of guy that once in awhile might not see that my sanding pre-school puzzle pieces with glued ephemera on the sunny deck as "work". He is mostly quite supportive of everything I do I must add! As long as I keep delicious meals coming at regular intervals the balance is mostly in check.

Last summer I developed a morning routine that helped me immensely both mentally and physically. This old gal is a little lame in the hips from 10 years of heavy equipment operating for the State of Alaska road crew. It's a nice little walk out to our newspaper box that sits out on the Alaska Highway. I find that if I do this walk every day it not only stretches me out nicely and gets the joints less creaky as well as clearing my head for the day. I have mandated that I won't allow myself computer time until this has been done.

The day begins now and I get to choose whether it will be a glass, collage, computer or gardening beginning to my day. If the wind stays down I may even haul out my bicycle!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Back into the Studio

"Rainbow Whorls" which will have an adjustable leather cord ready to wear.

Wire lace, silk ribbon, rusty vintage key and lampwork baubles.

Another vintage key necklace in different colors. I'm having fun with the baubles I made.
They are double ended copper wires with decorative glass blobs on each end.

A little fancier design of Labradorite and Amethyst

Carnelian and Amethyst necklace with colorful lampwork beads.

A piece I started in Mexico and still working on mounting it to something. Perhaps it will be a soft piece.

Somehow I've been in the organizing mode rather than creating since we returned to our Alaskan home, at least the first week I was. It seems now that I've expanded my mediums I'm  having to find space, readily accessible space for my new supplies. I undedicated the house office upstairs for collage-ing and gluing projects and moved that part out to the Garaj Mahal sewing room space.

It could be that I move projects back into the house at some point because of the nature in which I like to play with an array of images and such. Going into the garage studio is so focused and sometimes I avoid focus because it doesn't seem like play. Please tell me if that makes sense to any of you! I'm not sure if it makes sense to me! But for the sake of being organized and tidy that's how it's starting out.

My beading projects sit beside me on the couch because I don't care to create in banishment from the living room. I  prefer to sit watching movies when I'm involved with my jewelry designing which sometimes is difficult if I'm watching a movie with subtitles.The hot glass of course needs it's own room and that is my most focused creativity of all. I make myself take a break every hour to stretch and look into the distance. (which is a lovely mountain range, by the way)

After a Saturday at the first Tanana Valley farmers market of the season (which for you local Alaskan folks now has a Facebook page)  I was able to assess my inventory for the coming season after replenishing galleries and shop  here.

Which brings me to this week where I was able to get back into the groove and spend some serious creative time. Although I haven't yet gotten back into the ATC's and collage-ing I can hear the little pieces beckoning me. Today my husband has launched gung-ho into a paint the bedroom project in which I will be involved so I need to manage my time well so I can get everything done that I'd like this week.

Today brought me to a project of making some mementos for the cast and crew of my son's play
"Alice in the Underground" I've made some "jazools" glass disks in an Alice color theme of white, red and black like little bullseyes. Similar to the whorls but using opaque colors rather than latticino. i've got 40 made up that I need to string now!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Candace goes to Toronto

This time we sent Candace out of the country to visit a man! Not just any man but a man that self describes as "Over seven feet tall, an award-winning competitior in the nude biathalon, pursued by thousands of rich women, John has an active imagination."  on his Facebook page. Actually he's a prize winning poet and collegiate professor  and photographer just so nobody gets the wrong idea about Candace again.

Candace celebrates the launch of the KLOC DOC at the East Scarborough Boys & Girls House.
KLOC ( Kids Looking Over Cameras) is a video made by local youth in the East of Toronto on a summer arts and activism program by the grassroots NGO Por Amor.

Further east in bucolic Bloomfield, Ontario, Candace lends her lap to a new friend, a wooden bird found on the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

Candace considers becoming a biker chick..... but it's hard to hold on when your arms only do THIS!

Candace goes to the beach.

Yay! Candace. Or should we call her Canadace now?

See the side bar for the original post  "Candace Wants to Travel"