Saturday, October 29, 2011

Didn't know I was at an Etsy wedding this summer!

I'm not usually a follower of the Etsy blog but my jaw nearly dropped when someone shared this link with me. It was as if someone had hacked my iphoto library but with a much better backstory. 
Some of you may recall my post about our trip to Dawson City Yukon and to a wedding in the remote village of Eagle. Well you ought to check out this article as it really shines a spotlight on "Weddingstock"

I had meant to post more photos of this beautiful wedding but time got away from me.
I did post a bit about the stunning road trip here
We were invited by Shyanne's dad, Bill who happened to be the one that introduced me to my husband.

This however, is not my husband but a fellow I met at the wedding who desired to have our photo taken together. What an interesting face!
(earrings by Fanciful Devices)
I'm happy to say too that our wedding gift was handmade by an Etsian although they probably didn't realize it as it was made by me.

Here I am with the former chief of Eagle, Isaac Juneby and his wife Sandy

Photo credits go to David Cory, my husband (more commonly known as Popparazzi)


  1. Wow - just saw your blog link on Facebook and just had to come over and take a look. Fabulous photos, and you're so right, that guy has a fantastic face: primo for painting a portrait, anyway! Lovely to see photos of you in your element, Kimberley :-)

  2. Wow, that really must have been amazing to see that etsy story! Beautiful wedding!

  3. Cool are THE biz aren't you .....get invited to the best places....get seen by the right people ......AND your MY friend too that means i am cool too by proxy ....amazing wedding ...xx

  4. The wedding must have been wonderful! That guy's face could be carved in oak.

  5. P.S. I loved the cake in the Etsy article.

  6. Thanks for sharing this story.

  7. Wow, you never know where things show up. You look quite elegant at the wedding and Pop parazzi's photos are great. xox Corrine

  8. What gorgeous spot for a wedding! Alaska is at the top of my wish list of places to see in my lifetime. I was born in Alberta, so I feel like that beautiful part of the world will always be in my blood somehow.
    I'm glad I stopped by so I could catch up with what you've been up to lately. Always love looking at all the scenic pictures and your artsy creations.

  9. eeep! my earrings are in such a gorgeous wedding! sure looks a lot fancier in the pics etsy picked, lol. At 1st I though the 1st guy in the trucker cap was the groom! (Actually, he's adorable.)


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