Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2 Years and Counting

I was just looking through my sold items on Etsy the other day and realized it has been about exactly 2 years since my shop took off. It seems more like 3 or 4 to me really.

I smile when I see some of my earlier sales to  WillowStudioJewelry and fancifuldevices way back when.

What was going to be my semi-retirement business seems to have gone into full time.
I have to travel to take a break from it most times!
Which by the way I will be closing shop on Friday for a trip to the Copper Canyon in Mexico.
I'll be back around the 16th

Yet I enjoy coming up with some new and novel components.
It challenges me to make something that is usable and affordable and just a little different from others.
So glad you guys are liking the crust.

These are my latest "Crustoleum Flyntstone Cogs"

I save some of the newest and weirdest for myself and my own designs

It's been so long since I've blogged, been feeling that horrible word...busy

putting some things together for my jewelry end of the business

some HappyFallout and tektite with some of that Roman glass

I had fun right after the Tucson Gem & Mineral show mixing up some of my finds with some pieces.
There's some RaggedRobyn bits at the top there.

went a little XaZ beads crazy at the show. Nice raku

I did a heart. it was pink to begin with and I crubblified it and Valentine's Day came and went and it sold. All the way to Denmark

I do love the crubbly cubes and am thrilled to see how some are using them.
I have a Pinterest account for designers using NuminosityBeads.
Sometimes I pin your if I see them and you can ask me to join the group if you wish.
I think you have to be following it, I'm not sure. Ask me through Pinterest.

been a long time since I did the lampwonk studniks and the first time I've actually used them in earrings.
Go see Nikki at LoveRoot, she's used them too. They may be on my Pinterest page because knowing her they've already sold.

PicMonkey Business

I did pick up a load of Roman glass for my Numinosity supply shop

I always pick up a few sale-ables at the gem show, makes it fun
"Buying for others"

Did you catch these druzy whatchamadinger agate wonders?

I have all manner of sizes and two colors. 
I feel compelled to take photos of each selection because they vary so.
so if you don't see something ask me because there are more.

and I am selling whole strands too.

and titanium coated druzy crescents...also in natural color
You can see ow I used them in a set of earrings in my picMonkey collage

I know how you all love designing with sticks.
These coral stickes are extremely lightweight - hollow like

in manageable amounts too

these were rather luscious.
I have kyanite in two colors too.

Nikki LoveRoot came on down to the gem show to add to her stunning stash. She's already making some great pieces.
We met this dude in Tombstone when we stopped on the way down to our funky town of Bisbee.

We even ventured across the border for some tortillas in Mexico.
Guess what I'm having to include in her orders now?

Look how big crystals get in the sun. Just think of what it does to your brain cells!

Oh, and to top it all off I got an actual article published in Belle Armoire Jewelry.
I'm not being modest here with this micro picture. I just can't figure out how to get a larger one posted.
So go check it out some of our other favorite peeps are in there too!