Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Blogversary Giveaway

It's time to celebrate two years of blogging in conjunction with the double 5 birthday for me.

I'm offering up this set of my lampwork paper clips set

or this collage if you prefer

Or this Mexican collage pack if you would rather make your own stuff.

Just leave me a comment with your preferred choice.
and as a little gift to me let me know why you like to follow this blog.

I'll be doing the random number generator drawing on Sunday October 30th at 6:00 PM Alaska time.



  1. put me down for the uber cool paper clips :)
    happy blogversary!

  2. Love the paper clips. Great idea!

  3. Happy "Blogaversary", Kim! I choose the Mexican collage pack. Thanks for the chance to win :)

    The reason I follow your blog, is simple, love to see your works of art so full of inspiration :)

  4. Paper clips...they're gorgeous! Would only use them on special paper!
    Erika Wright

  5. hello, Kim! congratulations on your blog anniversary! i would love to win the paper clips. i love your lampwork beads! i follow your blog because your work inspires me!

  6. Happy Happy to you sweet Kim...The clips are amazing I have never seen anything like them!!Thanks for offering such a generous Giveaway!!Hugs,Cat

  7. Hi Kim, I follow your blog because of your positive, creative energy and I admire how you seem to juggle so many activities AND make art!

    I love the paper clips too! Happy blogversary and birthday :-)

  8. Hi Kim! I love the clips and would like to be lucky enough to win the set because like your blog, they are a beautiful form of self expression! pen x

  9. Happy Blogday little chickadee......x

  10. Oh, I would love to win the lampworked paper clips! I enjoy your blog for your variety of art and inspiration. I also enjoys reading about your life in Alaska.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Happy blogerversary! and many more!! muah!!!

  12. I love the paper clips and I love the collage too. I'm from New Zealand, and I spent 3 weeks of June in Alaska, mostly Fairbanks. I bought some gorgeous glass earrings of yours for my sister, whose birthday happened while I was away from home. I saw you at the market. I stayed with friends whose daughter's boyfriend is, I think, your nephew or a relation anyway. For me, reading your blog is not only about appreciating your craft and getting inspiration, but also about remembering Fairbanks and people I love.

  13. Kim - I love reading your blog because we are both Alaskan artists, you write with a very positive outlook, show great photographs, and have a good balance of images and text. Your art is very interesting to me in that you have quite the range of mastery from glass to collage and places in between. We also share a certain raven-love of the found treasure!
    I love your paperclips and would be thrilled to win them. Happy blog-a-versary! -sus

  14. Woohoo, head pin clips of course, I love this new invention of yours! Two years huh!!!! Congrats. Hope it's not too cold your way. xox Corrine

  15. Hi there, just hopped over from Susan.... Congratulations on your second blogaversary! The glass beads you make are gorgeous.
    I was shocked to see all that snow (already) but then I realized that Anchorage is waaaaay up north! So that explains it, wé just had a warm and sunny autumn day ;-)

  16. You know I want the clips. You have a lot of people who enjoy following your blog. Me, too. Love to the family whenever next you speak with them. well, love to you too. THe big 55? PLEASE. Yer jist a kid.

  17. Congratulations! I would love a chance to win your paper clips. They are gorgeous!!

  18. Kim, the paper clips are just incredible, I love the collage too, and I am always in the need for paper scraps, though I have already tons of them myself. So... if I was the lucky one, would you PLEASE choose the price for me?!?!! I can't.
    I follow your blog because it always feels like home here. The way you write about your art and life is so warm and friendly and, of course, interesting. You are open-minded and open-hearted. What else? Oh, right, I love your work.
    Happy blogaversary and 55th Birthday!!!!
    xo Janna

  19. Let me see why do I love to follow your blog... the reasons are too many to mention here
    - I love seeing what you created
    - I am inspired by your work
    - I love the pictures that you post, and enjoy what you write about
    - I love that you make a variety of things, and come up with new ideas (like the lovely clips!)
    -I love the energy and love of life you obviously have
    - We are both Northerners... and you have even been through the village I live in.
    - We have the same name!
    - We have both been blogging for two years (in October), and have our birthdays around the same time.
    - We are both in our 50's (or I will be in just under 2 weeks)
    - You always leave me such lovely comments on my blog.
    - We both live in a place that has Junction in its name.

    Oh I could go on and on....I will miss knowing that you are in Delta Jct, but look forward to hearing about your life and creations in Arizona.
    I already feel very fortunate to have one of your lovely journals, but if I were to win, I would love the hand made clips (they are wonderful!)
    Take Care


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