Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Traveling Collage Box~ My Part

The rules are as follows:
Open the box and take out 12 snippets from it. Then use 12 from your own sources to put in.
Of course you can take also more than 12 (depending on the size, up to 20), but be sure to add the same number of snippets you have taken out.
After you have taken your snippets, you can start to make a collage (or any other artwork you like, mixed media, altered book, journal page, digital collage etc.), using your 12 pieces. You can of course use other materials, cut offs and snippets too, put please show us the 12 pieces (don’t forget to take pictures) and write in a few words, why you have choosen those.
 I found out about the Collage Box on LaWendula's blog 
One of the things about this sort of traveling swap is that you don't have anyway of knowing when it may actually reach you. My situation is especially complex with my moving back and forth every six months with a bit of travel thrown in between.
Of course the box reached me in Alaska while I was on vacation in Maine. I did my best to move it along upon my return.

I've even hosted my own traveling doll, Candace who sadly never made her way back to me with just one person left on the list. That one is still a mystery and neither the sender nor alleged receiver has ever notified me as to her whereabouts. I miss her flat square face and her wry smile, oh yes I do

These are the snippets I chose. I was drawn to the faces and textures and I'm always a fan of text in different languages.

These are the snippets I passed on

It's rather a tall piece so here it is in two installments
I really liked working with the glassine window on the envelope.
It was a fun project and a challenge to stick to most of the images I had chosen.

Remember if you haven't seen my giveaway please visit the preceding post.


  1. oh, my heart goes out to Candace, where ever she is... sus

  2. oh Candace .where are you ??.......someone MUSt know something ..unless she met someone and eloped i dare'n't tell Augustus, Celeste and Leggy Lizzy until there's more definite news the tall collage are QUEEN of collage .........xx

  3. I love your collage piece and the whole notion of a travelling challenge. Poor Candace. I have a little dream that one day, when you are elderly, that she will return to you and you will be reunited with her and reminded of her adventures Kim. pen x

  4. Still poobah abput Candace but the collage is spectacular. xox Corrine

  5. What a wonderful idea and traveling art project. Candace... KIDS. They never stay put. I am sure she's dancing around someplace remarkable and one day she will return and tell you all about it.

    Hey... tomorrow is the 28th!

  6. This is such a great collage, Hannah Höch would have loved it!!! great work, dear! And I like the stuff you've put it! Hope the box will bring much joy now travelling on.
    Hugs, FM


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