Thursday, October 13, 2011

You've got the best handmade journals... What about paper clips?

I've been trying out an idea I had awhile ago since I've been playing a lot with lampwork and wire lately with my headpin components.
I had received a very nice handmade journal as a present that had some super duty decorative paper clips  which gave me the idea to make some of my own.

Using heavy gauge copper wire I bent and hammered into a paper clip shape  and then lampworked some lentil shapes onto the ends. So far they are one of a kind, I didn't do any sets yet.
I didn't realize that my efforts at tempering the wire into the stiff shape would come undone after annealing them in the kiln so I had to re-hammer them when they came out otherwise they would have been very noodle-ey clips

This is what they look like on pages

And this is how they look in one of my journals.
Question is how much someone would be willing to pay for  a set of clips?
For me to make it worthwhile for my efforts I figure I would need to charge $10 for each clip.
This seems to be the pricing dilemma I have with my handmade journals as well and why they end up being presents instead of inventory to sell.
Let me know what you think since you my friends, are pretty much my target audience for this type of item.

And another question... I am going to be hosting a giveaway to celebrate 2 years of blogging and my birthday. What would YOU want to win?
  Earrings or a collage? Lampwork headpins or these paper clips? Random beady supplies or ephemera?
 And thank you all for your many welcoming comments on my re-entry to the high speed!


  1. Hi Kim, these paperclips are so fantastic! I really love them and wish that I could afford to purchase them as they look brilliant in your journals. Sadly, I'm not in a position to buy but they are pricelessly beautiful. Thanks for your recent visit and kind words. pen x

  2. The paperclips are beautiful and could easily be put onto a chain and worn as a necklace!
    I am by far the worst to ask about prices; I won't even comment since I have trouble with my own work.....I am sure though that someone can give you sage advice on proper pricing.


  3. Love them! $10 is fine, but I'd like to try to win them first!

  4. LOVE the paper clips it is just natural for you to fuse your beads into something so useful!
    I know how you feel, so much time and effort is put into our work and then it feels we practically have to give in to the buyer with a low price. I often give my hardest made items as gifts as well. But if they are really spectacular someone will pay for it, it just might not be the first person who stumbles on to them but a person who knows the heart and soul put into them :)
    Well, if your asking me...I would love to win one of your collages. I adore them!

  5. Someone will buy the clips because they are so special but it might take some time. These might be something you made just because you love making them and if they sell all the better.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Hi, Kim - these lampwork paperclips are stunning, and I believe $10 is not too much - they would be a knock out gift for a special paper-o-phile in ones life. Perhaps you could consider a little price break for a set of three (you know, like 3 for $25)?
    I would love to win anything you put out there, but especially love beads. One of your special lampwork treasures to string around my neck... mmm!

  7. How come i've missed your birthday again !!!....when is it ? ........lovely paper clips ...genius idea......I think 10 dollrs sound ok ....thats about £6 ish pounds and they have to be worth that of anyone's money....could you do a deal on more than one ? that might help sales and people would probably want more than one .....any help ??..xx

  8. Thanks for all of your input guys, I discovered last night that I can eliminate the hammering until after I torch them which will cut down on some time for sure ( had had to do it twice since the kiln had undone the first hammering) and probably trim down some of the steps as I make more and definitely would sell as sets because I don't think anyone would want just one.

  9. How did I miss your birthday too! I will wait and include a pressie in your shioment for Bisbee! I love these clips, they are freaking gorgeous. What a great idea. Package them as hair clips and you can get $10!

  10. To clear up any confusion, the giveaway is at the end of the month ( as is my birthday and blog anniverary)

  11. I would definitely buy those clips at $10. In fact, I will buy those clips and have Pam bring a set to Kino. I also need a new journal.....

    Your work is so beautifully awesome.

  12. Hi Kim...Love the clips! I too have trouble with pricing, but I am sure you could sell them for $10, or if possible a set of 3 for $25. I would love to win some clips for my lovely journal you made. But everything you make is wonderful, and it is kind of you to offer up a giveaway. (My 2 year blogging anniversary is near end of Oct, and my birthday is early November ... more strange coincidences!)

  13. Hi, Kim. I think the 3 for $25 is a great idea. They clearly work as book marks as well. I tend to wind up using the big paper clips because I so often have more than one book I read, or there will be passages in one I love to revisit! You could also make a pair of earrings out of them if you had matching beads, and someone would snap them up for $25.

    As for the journals? I still think that offering a special order--quantities limited, with a three month lead time MIGHT surprise you. It would cost you nothing and I think there might be a few people who would love to get a writer friend, or someone who is journaling for the first time, or who wants to have a SPECIAL baby book or something might find it worth up to $40 or so. I have one. I'd do it.

    Or if you simply made them cause you wanted to, and when you had three just decided to put them there in time for Christmas with some suggestions for their uses? The time is enormous, but to get paid for them at all, when you made them because you simply felt like it--that might work.

    But those clips? They are FUN and they're striking. Using one in a recipe book, for certain IMPORTANT papers. Lots of uses.

  14. PS. I just looked at the star... can you put them together easily and have them be a window hanging or a tree ornament? We who actually collect Christmas ornaments that are one of a kind... we will pay up to about $45 for an ornament, ESPECIALLY when we can name the artist and we know that no one else will have it.

  15. What a great idea! Your lampwork paperclips are amazing!

    Have a wonderful week!


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