Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blog Jam...Releasing!

Anyone who has followed my blog or  my Facebook knows that one of the only negatives about my seasonal life out here on the Alaska Highway is the lack of good internet access. I have certainly whined about the paleo- dialup aplenty. As sites have become more complex I was even less able to view the ones I needed to most. I couldn't access Etsy or the hotmail which would alert me to convos in one of my shops. I could see ribbons of partially loaded pictures on your blogs leaving me only the text as a teaser until I could make the trip to the library with my laptop to catch up with the rest of the post. Uploading pictures became a half hour affair, sometimes longer.  Forget about adding things to my Etsy shops. I would need to be hyper organized to have all of my photos ready and still put the time into my descriptions and all. By the time I was finished browsing your blogs an hour or so in my car at the library, (sometimes I'd go inside as well) I'd be worn out and itching to go home and make things in the studio instead. 

Well no more.... We took the plunge and signed up and hooked up to satellite internet so that I can have high speed access from the comfort of my home!!!! I am so happy about this I could just...just... spend hours catching up and utilizing the net as I wish. I even watched a music video on Palimpa-Lim's blog today!
I loaded a few items into my Etsy shops last night, Here and Here.
Today I am blogging after a long trip back East which probably could cover at least three posts. 

Thank you HughesNet!  Can't you just tell I'm happy about this?

I'm not sure where to start with my last several weeks so I may just give you some snippets of it all at once.
I was returning to my place of birth a place where a big part of my soul resides...

This was the primary reason for my trip... these lovely folks, Ray & Jay
Aren't they adorable? They spend hours picking crabmeat that our local lobsterman gives them.
My Mom's crabcakes are the best in the north!

I think she has less grey than me at age 83

Caught this precious sunset photo of my Dad. Yes.. that's a real halo I'm pretty sure
(and my nose)

Day drives with the folks

Lovely junk

A classy compost bin at the cottage

Lobster traps, I ate my share of some catches I must say.

Our shore where as a child I could run on the jagged rocks barefoot.

A view of Newberry Neck and Blue Hill across the bay.
We got a bit of kayaking in as long as my wrists held out.

This is today's taste until I get my pictures and stories sorted out from my other experiences.
So glad to be back!


  1. YAY KIM
    I have missed you!
    This post is so amazing and what great photos of the folks, adorable!
    So glad to hear that you can now sit at home and work at your own pace. It is really taken for granted now.
    I feel the same way after surfing blogs, I want to create right away :)
    Take care

  2. Welcome back Kim! So happy for you that you are up and running now and you can avoid the withdrawals. Maine looks magnificent as do your folks. This was a lovely glimpse into your life and I am looking forward to the next installment. pen x ps your photos are ALWAYS totally fab! x

  3. Nice to hear, see ? that you are alive and very happy.
    Lovely photos of your family and home.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Why does seeing your parents grab me in my heart and simply squeeze? I would know them anywhere. Isn't that strange? The pictures just made me smile. A woman on her eternal quest for good junk. I just love it. And hallelujah and amen and whooooopppeeee about the Internet. I'll be checking out your art, my friend. Welcome home to Alaska.

  5. Lovely pictures! Welcome back to internet land! =)

  6. It is lovely to see you have returned, and loved to hear some of your stories (and loved the wonderful pictures of your parents).... looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing more stories - especially now that you can write them from your Alaskan home!


  7. I'm glad you are back, too! What a beautiful post, Kim...I can see why Maine holds a part of your heart! I LOVE the wonderful photo of your parents!

  8. Welcome home, Kim and congrats on your step into this century with high-speed internet! I so identify with your pics of your folks, mine are pretty much the same age and still going strong - these visits are so incredibly precious! -sus

  9. Kim i am so happy to have you back .....and the photo of your parents ....lovely .....and that one of your Dad ..really special .....welcome back our kid !!

  10. I am surprised that you didn't ship those hub caps home. I can see a mammoth sculptural assemblage with those. Glad you are back and can post! Yeah. xox Corrine

  11. look at you...and you get more blog comments than i ever get. hahaha
    happy for you that you got that trip and now you can take care of business and pleasure online at home!!!!

  12. wonderful pictures, beautiful surroundings! good to have access to a computer... we take so much for granted meanwhile...

  13. Hi Kim. Ages since I sent you a message. Great to hear you're just a few clicks away from everyone! Love these shots. Might have to go and buy a crab for lunch...Ax

  14. Until we had decent internet, I didn't even know what a blog was! I'm so glad you've found a way to make it easier. Your parents are incredible, loved seeing them. And that classy compost bin? I'm in love with it.

  15. heart is aching seeing those pics of Maine....the most beautiful place in the world! I LOVE Maine. My brother livid there for 8 years and we visit almost every year. Your parents look greaT!
    Congrat's on the internet and an easier life!

  16. woohoo, hooked up at last!! and looks like a great trip home to catch up and eat well! xx

  17. Oh Kim, I love these photos! Your parents look so sweet, and I wish I was there to pick that crab with them! I would love to visit Maine and gorge myself on lobster & crab! Glad you are back on line!

  18. Hi Kim, From Squam to Maine - Heaven! Maine is one of my favorite places to be especially in the fall. Glad you came by to see my photos from SAW - it's never to late to share yours :)
    PS I love the clips. $10 sounds good. Pricing my own art is always a challenge.


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