Sunday, September 6, 2015

Jumping Back In

It's been a busy summer for me with long periods of solitude and time to make beads and jewelry.
I am so surprised that it's turned into a full time job for me.
I decided to dig out some of my Thai silver hoard and use a few pieces from time to time.
These were some polymer pieces I made using Blue Bottle Tree's Rustic Beads tutorial.
How wonderful it is to have a stash of your own handmade components at the ready.
I picked out some of my own torch fired numi-sticks for this set and dug into what was one of my first ever bead catalog purchases (before online catalogs even!)
Those little jasper heishi beads are from that very first haul.

I've been making some extra large and bulbous "end of the rods scraps of the day"  headpins that I call my "embonpoint " series. I've been selling some of these in my etsy shop from time to time.

 You don't need to add much to call them earrings. I used a couple of my "Spacey Crusters" and some Faerystones earwires here with a few little African brass spacers.

I found that Petra's Scorched Earth ceramic pieces were the perfect accompaniment to  these lovely geode slices.

In case you thought I was going too neutral on you I made these "Fruity Coodlers"
They are an offshoot of my "Spacey Crusters"

"Spacey Crusters" of course!

Just Crust if you Must

Or Lustrous and Crustrous

Extree Long Numi-sticks with abbreviated headpins (redo from another set) and some of RaggedRobyn's wonderful stoneware beads
Another set using beads from the beginnings of my bead hoard. Resin Filled stamped Thai silver beads that were brought back to me by a friend before I had ever even visited Thailand. 1995 or so?
It was before I was even lampworking I'm sure.

We took a trip to Lake Michigan to gather up some Leland Glass. What fun!
Leland Slag glass is a by-product of the iron industry  in the late 1800's when they mixed limestone and coal to extract the ore. The waste product was this beautiful glass that they deposited in Lake Michigan and it's still washing up to this day.

 I purchased this Leland slag glass cabochon thought from a  local shop in the town of Leland

OK, still a fan of creepy baby dolls here. Antique store score. 
She's squeezable and she squeaks!

Some of my first murrini ever. Yeah I've been making lampwork beads for almost 20 years and never made murrini. i think part of it was that I thought it was too graphic for my organic style. I've gotten over that now.

Cuz you can crust it up and do this!

Oh man, I just discovered this new "Avorio Lapis" glass too!
I can't seem to make enough of these Numi-Sticks. Who would think people shopping at our farmer's market would be buying them?

I have been on an etch-a-thon lately. Seems to befit the "oobers"

A little view of Bar Harbor and the Porcupine Islands from Cadillac Mountain
Sorry it's blurry - instagram to facebook to here

 An erupting poppy from the yard.

Summer is over already here in Alaska, we've had frost and snow already.
Just a few more months here before we head south for warmer climes. Missed you all!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Numi-baubles and Tintinnabulations

Sometimes I just have to revisit some of my former components.
I have such a big list of things I would like to have in stock at all times in my shop but have come to realize that that is just a fantasy and there is a limit as to what I can do so I pick and choose what I'll be featuring at any given time. I have re-christened these numi-baubles so you will know they come from me...yeah, branding.

Most of them are made with transparent to keep a gemmy quality about them, they are made on 20 gauge copper wire so you can twist and wrap them into your designs

I have done a few opaque ones as well.

These are my Tintinnabulations made out of vintage tin plates.
They retain an oh so distressed quality with the enamel and patches of the old paint resisting some of the application. They are lightweight and are totally fun to make as my less than perfectionist nature lets me play and just see what happens. I do these after the piles of frits and enamels get sullied  and blended after much use making my numi-stick copper enamel matchsticks which I am a bit more persnickety about even application and purity of color ( well, sometimes anyway)

 I'm using some pearlescent powders to for an extra crusty slightly sparkly look. I had these powders from my first ordering from my supply place back in the late 90's. I finally ordered some more since I found something cool to do with them. I just didn't really like what they did on glass but now I'm kind of excited about the pixie dust again.

got back into the headpin zone briefly

I really needed a break from enameling after finishing a big order for a vendor at the Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show.

I am proud to announce the MakuStudio with be carrying some of my numi-stick matchsticks along with her amazing raku ceramic pieces. That is a winner for me as I don't have to man a booth or anything and get to rub my little enamel shoulders with her awesomeness.
 To Bead True Blue show, Feb 1-9, Doubletree Hotel, Tucson, AZ, Booth G-168.

If you aren't familiar with her work it's just some of the most stunning and imaginative raku components I've ever seen. I feel honored to be shown with hers.
here's a a link to her facebook page too -

This was taken from my patio...
Those there mountains are right across the border in Mexico