Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heating Up in the Studio

 Just even hearing about the possibility that Michael deMeng may do a workshop in Bisbee was enough to send me out to the studio to make some demented unbeads at the torch. I can see adding these little numbers to some assemblage in the future. You see they only have one hole... (well actually you don't see because the hole is hidden) They are inverted vessels which may very likely have stems of some sort to attach to them.

"Time Waits for No Man"
An encaustic collage that I got around to finishing after half a day at the torch making headpins, paperclips and  some more torched hammered earring parts as well as a few experiments with torch fired enamel bead caps. It was a productive day.

I had some new ideas for postcards.
This one has pressed flowers from our wildflower patch sewn in with mica and bits of silk cord and brocade.

I got ahold of some very aged and overexposed photos during my adventure above the coin shop in Bangor. I tell you it was a treat to be digging around in a room of unpriced stuff.
Problem was when I  asked the owner for the prices he had long stories about the pieces including history and value that we had to come back another day just to finish  the purchase. (We had a lobster dinner to get to )
There was no story about these photos though  they were included in a batch deal we made.
The little fabric photo was courtesy of a swap with Lorna from Artymess

This one also has some of our wildflowers and copper mesh (also from Lorna) and a piece of an old fabric photo

This is what has driven me into the studio. Winter is really here now!
A view of our front yard. You may recall a photo of me mowing that earlier this summer.

And our back yard.
This is the shop that we never quite got going but it's all painted and cleaned out and housing  some very cool stuff now.

A few shots near Knik Arm outside of Anchorage on our way home from the Bead Arts Gala

And you've heard about Alaska's Giant cabbages of the Matanuska Valley
What about the marshmallows we grow here?


  1. whoa, snow already? get thee to AZ. and that mummy face is really disturbing.

  2. looks lovely but ill bet its blooming cold......loving those land mine half beads I can see them in your assemblage ......x

  3. Looks like you have been busy!! And to see that snow! It will be here for me before I know it. I better get out and enjoy fall before winter sneaks up on me. =)

  4. Decidedly demented Demeng type beads. With your collection of rusty "objects" you will have a ball. Pictures of the singer will do in the sun tomorrow. Snow, say it ain't so. xox Corrine

  5. My goodness you have been busy! Wonderful work! Winter has settled in here as well... I don't mind too much except for the driving... oh yah and the darkness. I am off to try and be as productive in the studio as you have been! Have a great day.

  6. I am always blown away by your range of accomplishments. Would love to have been able to explore that Bangor shop with you. (Yipes - that snow is coming my way I know)! -sus

  7. What a beautiful sight - we've only had a sprinkling on top of the hills so far & having been 'freezing' it's now gone mild again ;)

    I agree, the mummy is a little disturbing but I love the jolly blobby circles !


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