Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 A Dream

Downtown Bisbee, Arizona  and Old Central School

Silver King Hotel

Of course my dream has nothing to do with 12.12.12 but I just wanted that to be the name of this post.
I've been doing some thinking and wishing that I could get a blog camp/workshop going here in our little high desert town since it's such a great destination.

Many of us got excited about the possibility of a Uruguay trip and workshop with the illustrious Marina of fancifuldevices but logistics of such magnitude can be daunting with a big trip like that.
I've been putting out some feelers and have already brought it up with our also illustrious and talented
Janet of AnvilArtifacts and stirred up some interest with her teaching a workshop.
And I would love to have Marina come too if she could swing it.

Bisbee is a great deal closer to lots of folks and a can be done much more inexpensively too I think.
( I admit my scale of distance is greatly skewed after all of these years living in Alaska and I think of all of the lower 48 being within a days drive...kinda like me driving to Anchorage from Delta for a show)
But it is doable and Tucson would be the nearest airport.

An option for lodging could be this Silver King Hotel for only $70 a night or a cottage or house rental as well. Mr. Coryosity and frequent the smallest bar in AZ that is housed seats 4 people and is hosts the weekly Sunday "Drink & Draw" group 
There's an old school up the road that is just a short walk called 

I had been thinking it could be held in conjunction with the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show but the logistics and expense could get more complicated and expensive as hotel rooms in Tucson are at a premium at that time. I think I would have to leave myself out of that planning but it could be done during that space in time if any of you wanted to maximize your trip and  bookend a workshop/blogcamp with the gem show.

So please do let me know if this is something that any of you could or would or wish to participate in and we can set an intention to make it happen.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Settling Back into Production


It's always exciting to get back to my other stash in my southern home here and see what might inspire me for some new designs. I went on a bit of a supply spree too thinking that I didn't have enough vintage dangly components and also I've been having a hard time resisting clay beads lately too.
I left most of my lampwork behind except what I still had listed in the shop so I was a little short on my own components to design with.


It's been a big adjustment getting back into the beadmaking business these last few weeks with the packing and travel. Lots of issues to straighten out initially. I was out of propane  to begin with and I'm minutes away from running out of oxygen for the torch.
My shop had been on a severe lull as well so I was heartened to start getting orders again this week. 
Thought I'd try out the Etsy shipping label since I have come to learn that our postal employees are now required to copy out customs card information at the counter while everyone is standing there. I thought it would be easier on everyone.
My worst fear about printing labels was realized immediately when I purchased the label and  my printer tells me it's out of ink. My printer refuses to let any more printing ensue after that. The nearest printer ink store is a good 45 minutes away.  At least now that I'm in the states I can take advantage of some of the online stores with fast delivery. Most places won't even ship to Alaska or charge such outrageous shipping since they only use UPS Ground and won't consider using the US Postal Service.

Eyes of Varanasi

I've used some of Natalie's beads from NKPBeads on these along with some cool relic-y copper bits

Torch fired enamel and Burmese jade


Then there's the getting used to a different photography set-up and lighting and trying to find everything that I'd rat-holed away. I really felt like making a sweep thru the studio as I had spent the last several years collecting all manner of things and it just overwhelmed me so I did some tidying and organizing and even some throwing away. ( nothing too good I assure you and anything worthwhile that I don't want or need anymore I'll be listing in my Numinosity Vintage and Supply Shop)

I've discovered that I'm out of certain colors that I use a lot and that was after I had thought I had done a thorough inventory and gone and ordered more glass. I did discover some new metallic frits to play with. Unfortunately they seem to be more difficult to photograph with the shininess  and if I crustify them it dulls the effect considerably. I really like the teal frit at the base of this nugget bead.
I can't wait to play with some more.
I opened a new bottle of bead release that is like bead un-release and it's taken me two days to get the few beads I made off of the mandrels after soaking them in vinegar and spraying with WD40 and ruining the mandrels in the process. This kind of bums me out and I'm afraid to make a big batch of beads now if it's going to be that difficult. I'm hoping it's just because the solution was too thin and if I let it sit out for a day or two It will get to the proper consistency.
I know... boring  but this is the kind of stuff that has interrupted my flow.

That and the fact that we are a popular destination for frozen travelers seeking warmth.
We're a very social couple and invite lots of folks to come down for a visit and they do just that.
I do enjoy entertaining and hosting a great deal but after 4 years of a steady stream of guests I'm having to set boundaries for myself for getting some work done or I feel as if I lose a bit of myself.
After a fairly solitary summer and fall in Alaska it's another adjustment to being on the fun retiree and vacation wagon.

These are some of the shiny headpins I'm making with the new metallic frits.
These are a purply metallic on olive green. so luscious in person but hard to capture the luster with the camera.

Almost a gunmetal luster on this set with a warm deep ivory base.

More of the Bella Donna Tealiscious frit. It makes for some ethereal blue grey green speckles with a gorgeous luster.

I wanted to let any of you folks that are designing with my handmade beads and care to share on Pinterest, I can add you to my group board of designers using numinositybeads
I'll add you to the list.  Just contact me.

I hope to be showing you more soon. I know it's going to be hectic with holidays and travel and such but my travel is going to include meeting one of our blog buddies Darlene of Darlicious Rejuvenations on our trip to Santa fe before Christmas!

Keep well you all!