Sunday, September 11, 2011

Put a Head On It... more postcards

Warrior Pose

Queen Mummy

Wholesome Goodness

Tres Generaciones

Serious Postcard

I'm wrapping up loose ends before I head back east to Squam  Art Workshop
and to have a nice visit with the folks in Maine. 
I realize just how fortunate I am to have both of them around still in their 80's and want to just hang out with them more and indulge in some garage sailing and antiquing with them. you see they are the ones that trained me up on this scavenging business. they had a nice little side business for years fixing up old trunks and lining them with old sheet music images along along with other good finds.
My father got involved in auctioneering for fundraisers for a spell and they had good fun with that. Now they are downsizing, simplifying and passing on some of their belongings.

I am getting hurried along and really need to go home and finish packing.
Bye for now!


  1. Well, OK, they trained you and you were/are an apt pupil! A package to you will be sent U.S. Mail tomorrow. I've already wrapped it up. Enjoy yourself and your parents. It will be wonderful to hear about your adventures afterward. "wholesome Goodness" above has grabbed me above all the others.

  2. Love these ...your posts always make me smile journey and give Corrine a hug from me and yourself of course ........xx

  3. Wholesome goodness is one I really thought was cool too. But they all have your sense of the world written all over. Fly safe, see you tomorrow. xox Corrine

  4. Hi, Kim - I agree about gratitude for having parents doing great in their 80's. Have a memorable time back east. The Queen Mummy postcard is my favorite, I love your sense of humor! Love, sus

  5. MY postcard's the best. Seriously, you are insane. Something I value in an artist. Enjoy your folks, and savor every second.

  6. Wholesome Goodness is just heartwarming.

    Fickle Cattle

  7. Love the postcards. Can't wait to hear about your workshop experiences. Looks like a great place. Like the story about your folks too.

  8. Go Kim! You have to make the most of your parents while they are still here...and yours sound like they rock! Have fun with them and enjoy every moment. Love your collages btw!

  9. Enjoy every minute of your time with your folks, Kim! Your time with them is precious. My husband lost his way too young and we miss them so much. Love your collages btw!!!


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