Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspired by Shells

The actual shells that inspired me. I picked them up at Bahia Kino Mexico recently.

Lampwork Glass Beads made at a torch.

They'll probably be used in a design something like this.

I was worried that the bead in the foreground looked a bit too much like chewed gum
but now I think I was being too critical.

Mussel shell lampwork beads made into bracelets with aquamarine chips and freshwater pearls

This is actually two bracelets end to end.

I gave them a matte finish with an etching solution.

Still working on my photography.

One of my goals for my remaining time in Arizona before I head back to the great northland is my project for a little shop in Seal Harbor, Maine called The Naturalist's Notebook.
The focus of the shop is the relation between nature and art and science and it's not just an art gallery but more of a learning center. These pieces are part of my works that I hope to be displaying there this coming summer.


  1. Your beads look so much like shells. They're really beautiful.

  2. I have never seen shells like these - such amazing shapes don't you think?

  3. I have never seen anythinh like this before.Really stunning Kim!!I posted about my upcoming visit..( : Cant wait.Hugs-Cat

  4. stunning organic shapes! great work!!

  5. Mother Nature has such a bounty of inspiration! I love this.. they are so wonderful..

  6. Kim, these are really lovely~ I definitely can see your inspiration!

  7. Absolutely stunning, love the bracelet!
    Great work, just beautiful.

  8. Thanks all, It was about time I challenged myself to some more sculptural lampwork.

  9. Hi Kim, thanks for visiting my blog, I had to come an see what you are upto, these are beautiful and I love your photies they are very inspiring ju x

  10. How wonderful! I love these and with the freshwater pearls they look exquisite.


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