Monday, April 5, 2010

Candace Wants to Travel!

Candace, just a few miles from the Mexican Border

Bisbee, Arizona

Not a good idea to lean up against cholla cactus!

Candace came from a collection of rag dolls that my mother started collecting back in the early eighties from a local woman in Waterville, Maine. The woman was selling them for next to nothing and they had that folk/outsider art charm which led my mother to amass quite a collection. A collection that has become my legacy, my inheritance! Mom collected dozens of them and shared her source with other friends that lovingly grouped them on their sofas and nooks of their houses. She named them "Messalonskee Moppets" for the river that runs through that part of Maine.

I've been sharing them on Etsy but have come to realize that Candace is in need of some adventure in her life.

Candace does what she can to overcome her plain looks. Her eye replacement operation is still evidenced however you can see a hint of sadness in her very square face.

Perhaps a trip around the world will give her the joy that she very much deserves. I think even hemming her dress could brighten her spirits or any other sort of embellishing.

What I'm proposing is that we could send her from artist to artist, blogger to blogger. We'll need to document her trip. I'll post the photos here on my blog when she arrives at each destination.

I'd be happy to see her posing with your art or a spectacular place famous or private, garden spots, whatever ..... it's up to you! Some embellishing would be acceptable too although we don't want her to get too heavy for mailing. After I post her newest destination, you can put on your own blog as well with a link to mine. When you receive her take her photo, give her some attention, add a story if you like and send her on her way. I'd like her to return home after a year. I'll include a journal to document her world tour. You can decorate that too if you're feeling ambitious.

I'm thinking to begin her journey we can start with the first commenters here that would like to participate. I'll pick the first one randomly and we'll go through the list here. After that it will be up to the last recipient whom they would like to send it too.

I've made up a little journal for her too for people to record her story, and leave names and blog sites or even decorate.

Alright, we have some takers! I'm going to send her off tomorrow and we'll leave it to Kim from Gerushia's New World to send her off to the person of her choice. I've got the rest of you that responded on my list in this order - Betsy, John, Corrine, Heather, Cat, Kass and then Kim. we'll see how it goes after that! She's packed up an on her way now. Come on back and track her journey!


  1. Is Fairbanks Alaska too boring of a location?

  2. It would be hilarious to get a picture of her at the finish line of the Boston Marathon! Either than or in Big Sur (we're headed there after Boston)

  3. Well Heather, She has lived in Fairbanks before, but you never know, she may want to visit friends!

    Betsy, I think it would be thrilling indeed for her to make it to the finish line, Would she be carried or just at the finish line to meet you?

  4. Since I'm going to try to run it rather fast, I think it would be best to take her picture the day before (the finish line will be set up there). Besides, it'll be WAY too crazy on marathon day! But I could also get other pics of her as well (perhaps even with an elite athlete at the expo!)

  5. I could introduce her to rural Ontario and the joys of motorcycling...
    -- John Oughton

  6. That would be really cool, John! And perhaps you could write a poem for Candace in her journal (or as Candace)

  7. She is wonderful- a great folkart doll and love your 'travels' theme. I just purchased a magazine called "Prims" which showcases wonderful hand made dolls with great character. Reminds me of Candace. Great post!

  8. Fun fun fun...Nothing to exciting here in Florida,but I would just love for Candace to come and visit.Love your idea!!Hugs-Cat

  9. She'd love to go to Florida, Cat. I know you'd make her visit a special one.

    I'll be working out the logistics after a few more folks join in.

  10. Maybe Candace would like to come close to the home she started from
    here in northern Massachusetts. We have lots of history she can see, including a witch or two, and be a stone's throw from Maine. The salt air might do her good.


  11. Corrine,
    I think she's love that. She's going to the Boston Marathon and will be in the area!

  12. Oh Kimberly...

    I just stopped by to say "Thank You" for commenting on my blog today. I agree with you about not posting my techniques but I was too afraid to say that on my blog.

    Then...I see Candace. Oh my but I would love to participate. I'm in Southern California and I could really show Candace a good time. Let me know if I can be a part of this fabulous doll trail!!

    Gerushia's New World

  13. Alright, we have some takers! I'm going to send her off tomorrow and we'll leave it to Kim from Gerushia's New World to send her off to the person of her choice.
    I've got the rest of you that responded on my list in this order - Betsy, John, Corrine, Heather, Cat and then Kim. we'll see how it goes after that!


  14. I came via Cat's blog and would be ever so honored if Candace could visit me here in Utah. I would bike her and hike her and show her all my altered stuff. LOVE your blog. So glad Cat sent me here.

  15. OK Kass, Welcome!
    We'll fit you in. I'll have Cat send her to you and then you can send her to Kim in CA.

  16. I would love Candace to come to visit the UK I have some friends she could play with and she could come to school for a day with me and meet my classes ........she would be very well looked after ....I hope it's not too late to join in her busy journey.......all the best
    Hopefully Lorna

  17. I'm an artsy sort who particularly enjoys fabric art and embellishment. I'm also a chiquita who understands the attempts to overcome plain looks and the need for a little travel. Please send Candace to me in Las Vegas. I will show the girl a good time and I will also be her designated driver!

    So glad to have found your blog through my blogging BFF, Kass.

  18. Hi LimesNow,
    Thanks for your interest in the Candace travels project but I'm afraid she's out of my hands now. Maybe the last recipient won't mind making up a new itinerary!
    I'm looking for ward to reading your blog! Thanks for following mine.

  19. Hello, Kim,
    Candace does like to visit Brazil?
    I have great pleasure in receiving it.
    Cool this journey!

  20. If you think Candace would like to have her photo taken on a ferry boat or at Mile 0 on the Trans Canada highway, send her along to me in Victoria, (Vancouver Island)Canada. What fun!

  21. Oh My Goodness, would Candace like to visit another Candace in Athens? Georgia, that is. Lots of fun stuff here and it is so RARE I meet another Candace with an A. (how I introduced myself for quite a while.) I found you thru dosfishes and am glad I did!

    I like to travel too! Makes a difference. And tell her, she is _very_ beautiful to all the other Candaces.

    Candace, Still In Athens.

  22. Candace looks like the type who would enjoy visiting Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. I would be happy to host her and show her a good time.

  23. Travel is very good...
    Is good for skin!
    I think the Candace would be nice to know the underside of the Equator line.
    hopefully Li

  24. omg, I love this, How am I just now discovering this post.
    I would love to have travel to my home and studio. Has she been to Vegas???
    By the way I have good news for you! Come by my blog tomorrow for the official announcement.
    Amy at mittens

  25. Candace has arrived in Brazil!
    Soon we will have news ...

  26. news of Candace:


  27. Candace already left for another trip.
    their cultural adventures in São Paulo city!

  28. I would love to meet Candace in person ~ would she like to travel to Alberta, Canada?


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