Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adios to Our Arizona Home

Bottles with a dichroic like patina from being buried for 100 years.
A few were found in our town yard and others picked up at our favorite junking shops in St. David

Photos, old and new.

Every house needs a Burmese "nat" and carved root snake.
The train photo was found inside my 1800's desk from a garage sale.

My husband's dresser. Alaskan birch basket, more bottles and Lea & Perrins bottle stoppers.

Rocks, always rocks.

A cookie cutter window view.

The wooden pieces- A piloncillo sugar mold and cobblers shoe form.

Time to pack up and say goodbye to our Arizona abode. We'll be spending the next 7 months back in Alaska to our other home thankfully flying rather than driving that cross continental trip.

My husband will be going back to his seasonal archaeology job and I will return to my other studio in the "Garaj Mahal" to revisit other art supply stashes and enjoy our spectacular Alaskan summer of endless light. This is when I actually have to go back to work in a manner of speaking with a farmers market and some shows along with keeping the summer galleries stocked up with inventory.

In the two winter seasons we've lived in our snowbird abode in Arizona we've already accumulated quite a collection of goodies of all sorts to display in our home. We're both collectors so our home certainly reflects that aspect of us.

Goodbye Arizona until next winter!


  1. Oh, the farmer's market! I'll be there in spirit- safe travels!

  2. Some fascinating objects. I'm going to have to visit Arizona one of these days

  3. i love your 'stuff' i have rocks everywhere too ...they ground me I reckon....i collect shoe trees and lasts too ( wooden ones mostly)'s good to know there are kindred spririts out there journey Kim ...xx

  4. Hope you soon settle into your Summer home. Am I being too nosey to say ? - I'd be interested to know the kind of sites/finds/research your husband gets to work on.

  5. Annie, He does archaeological survey for a company that has a contract with the military base, Fort Greely.
    They are required to do the survey before the military can blow up and ruin stuff for their training.
    The area we're in is where the early land bridge peoples lived and roamed, evidenced mostly by points, blades and micro blades for hunting. Human remains are not found because of the acidity of the soil and not much ground cover so it's mostly surface artifacts. It's a large low mountainous remote valley but very much an ice free corridor for the passage from Asia to the the Americas.

  6. Stashes and collections, that's what we all do. Those old bottles are swell. We find them here but not with so much patina. And the rocks, what is it about rocks,
    rocks everywhere such history. I bet the Alaskan summer is glorious, enjoy the flight and a return to the northern lights of Sam MaGee...

  7. Love the bottles and I've always loved rocks! I'll have to put my rock collection in a post sometime. Have a great trip!

  8. Hi Kim. Thanks for that info. Now I'm even more fascinated. Hope the finds can go into an archive or museum one day.

  9. Annie,
    They get evaluated and put in safekeeping until the excavation is finished and then they end up at the University of Alaska Museum.

    Our area in Arizona is also rich in archaeology, a Clovis area that goes back to the time of hunting mammoths- lots of artifacts both historical and prehistoric in this area along with fabulous rock finds.

  10. Becca, Dosfishes, Artymess,
    We're a bunch of collectors aren't we!

    Kirk, Thanks for the shout out on your blog, Sounds like your mom was a collector as well.

  11. Hi Kim, Love seeing the photos of your beautiful collections. Wonderful to have two places to call home. It sounds like a wonderful adventure you are undertaking. Have a safe trip and a warm settling in x

  12. Hope you have a safe trip, Kim and get settled right in!

  13. It must be hard to pack up and go,but what a glorious place to travel too!You have the best of both worlds.Please make sure you post pics of Alaska,I would just love to see them!!Big Hugs-Cat

  14. Such wonderful treasures. Have a safe trip.

  15. I love to have beautiful things around me, too. Looking forward to 'seeing' your laskan place, what a contrast!

    Thanks for your kind comments ;)

  16. I love all your 'stuff.' What a life you have!

    Thank you so much for your birthday treasures to me. I printed out all the pictures and they are taped to my mantle mirror. I'm overwhelmed that you would take the time to do so much.

    Have a great summer in Alaska. I look forward to seeing what it's like up there from your point of view. Love the 'Garaj Mahal' reference.

  17. It will be interesting to see what you will be creating in Alaska.


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