Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day of Desert Blooming at Javelina Road

I always love this lone tree out by our property.

Ocotillos reaching skyward with new growth.

Their blooms are like flames.

Puff ball flowers, I don't know their name.

Desert poppies in splashes of color.

These smelled heavenly nestled in the rocks.

Wildflowers cropping up in bunches.

Paddle cactus with interesting spots.

A walk around our remote property on a day of desert blooming.


  1. Wow Kim... .What a place .......x

  2. You inhabit a WILD landscape - both interior and exterior. What amazing sights you've shared Kim x

  3. Thanks for letting me see your patch. Such a different climate from ours.

  4. This property is about 25 miles from our house which is in a small 100 year old neighborhood of an old copper mining town.
    This is where we can go walking or picnicking to find rocks and rusty things, even old artifacts.
    It's closer to New Mexico and where Geronimo was finally captured.


  5. Hello.
    Yes I'll add you to the handwriting page.Thanks for joining in.
    It should be interesting.

  6. What a wonderful place you have. Such treasures.

  7. Aw, Kim you appreciate the desert's beauty as I do! The ocotillo struggle here as our climate is just a bit too harsh. Your specimens look very happy. Last Sunday I went to a desert preserve, all professionally maintained, with the names of the plants and flowers posted. I scribbled notes in my journal, learning that the ones I call fluff-puffs actually have a name and that the agaves I always thought looked alike are actually part of the same family. Candace is going to love my desert, too!

  8. wow!! seriously gorgeous Ocotillo!!! I don't remember them being this GREEN!! spectacular!!

  9. Yes, we had a lot of rain and snow this year, it made the ocotillos happy.

  10. The lone tree always speaks to me. Beautiful desert photos!

  11. Such beautiful images, Kim~ I just love the photo of the lone tree!

  12. fabulous place, so dry compared to my walk. Love the puff ball & poppies.

    I'll come back for your handwriting!

  13. Thanks for sharing your dessert world and Candace's wild first stop. Can't wait to see here here! You are brave to take on inchies, I don't think I could work quite that small!

  14. Emma, I grew up in a more similar climate to yours in New England. Funny that the desert climate is more similar to where we live in Alaska, hot and dry.

    Linda and Kass- the tree is so cool, I liked cropping the photo in a long rectangle to highlight it better.

    Dosfishes- Candace, desert and inchies, seems like I should combine them somehow!
    The inchies are good for short attention spans and you can't really fail! (love your profile pic, a wild young'un!)

  15. Wonderful to see al this life in the desert! In my garden, when it gets hot, things just DIE!!!


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