Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here is my painful handwriting post which was the idea from the blog DogDaisyChains.
I rather liked the exercise but I'm not so proud of the penmanship!

Click on the text to be able to read it.
(good luck with that!)
I wish that that my handwriting was better for art journaling now.


  1. love this post! a lot of us have issues with our handwriting, but great journal pages can have text created in a variety of ways! and the recipes and writing is wonderful!

  2. That was fun.
    I've found a lot of tied left hands in these handwriting posts.
    I intend, when I have a minute, to collect them into a mosaic for my blog.
    Thanks for joining in.

  3. That handwriting looks familiar, guess I write like a boy too. You certainly have no problem expressing your self in splendor in so many ways!

  4. I love looking at other people's handwriting, neat or messy. Just the unique forms on the pages. I've been using my own hand writing in some collages lately so that the words make no sense - that way I don't get picky about if I'm being neat or not.

  5. Although I have handwritten many signs for various jobs, my handwriting is far from predictable-it looks more childlike and freeform, perhaps due to I find printing faster than cursive?
    I come from the same line of handwriters as you, Kim!


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