Sunday, April 25, 2010

Candace Goes To A Virtual Birthday Party!

Some surprising things are happening. I'm finding that Candace is able to do more than physically travel around the world. As far as I know she was coming back from Boston and heading to Toronto and I find that she attended a virtual birthday party for Kass from "The K is No Longer Silent" and "Redoing the Undone" hosted by her friend LimesNow from "Ramblings from Yet Another Stranger On the Bus."
Both of these gals will be receiving Candace later on, we can't yet predict when. They're mighty anxious to host her arrival so in the virtual world it is possible to take matters into you own hands!


  1. Oh My ....I am just off to get my Kass without a 'K' tattoo to celebrate that birthday ...........I want to be part of that......Candace has opened up a whole new world for me ....Can't wait for her visit and neither can the teenies they talk about it all the time ....xx

  2. Yes indeed, Candace has opened doors for me as well!
    What a doll! Now I have to get my sister to send me the pics from the marathon.


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