Friday, March 30, 2012

Tinacious~ NuministaChic Earrings

Remember all that vintage tin I got from Suzanna at Sushipotparts?
Well I've been workin' it in between orders for crusty rusty bits in my Etsy shop.
You guys are keeping me hopping with the orders. This is a first for me I'll have you know.
Somehow it doesn't matter how many orders I get in the vintage and supply shop it just isn't the same glory as selling my own stuff to you all. Many thanks, I know that there will be some more torch days coming up.

So this is what I've been doing with the tin.
I am discovering something about designing assemblage style pieces...
that they don't necessarily hang the way they look all nice and flat on your work table.
In fact they tend to flip around quite a bit.

I decided to solve the problem on the previous earrings by adding a bit of bling to the back side so they won't be just one sided earrings ( especially with the big blank white space on these.)

Wouldn't you know I just happened to have some of my beads that matched the tin, already made and waiting on my work table?

I have lots more tin left and some pieces cut out in the queue waiting for me.

I had a mishap the other night which involved rescuing an elderly man on the roof.
We were enjoying a warm night on the patio with our friends when one of us heard someone crying "help me!"
In house downhill from us lives a man that has obviously suffered a stroke before.
It's dark and I try to find where the voice is coming from and he's on the roof! ...and it's dark out!
Well I basically had to run around the block while I was on 911 so I could determine his house number.
Meanwhile the guys were trying to find access to his yard which was quite a heap of obstacles.
I went through his house to get to the backyard while my other neighbor climbed up to help get the man down. Meanwhile I was directing the cops to  his location and they were having a time of it getting up the steep ladder. One had to take off his bullet proof vest because it was getting snagged on boards and nails. I went to assist holding the ladder and didn't realize there was a ditch between me and the ladder and fell snagging my ring on some wire that was holding the ladder to the was. It practically yanked it out of the socket. The old man got down and we ascertained that he had been up there for a half hour and presumably was fixing his antenna. ( he has speech problems from his stroke) He was uninjured just stuck and I have a numb ring finger that doesn't seem to be keeping me from making stuff so all is well.
It was an exciting night though.


  1. So you're a hero, you make fabulous beads, AND you design beautiful jewelry! Love, love, love the earrings!

  2. Oh a hero in our midst! Good going. Except for your injury.

    As for the earrings, they are wonderful. Especially those trapeze-y ones. I love those. I said it once and I'll say it again, you are the queen of interesting connections.

  3. OMG Man on the roof, so glad he was okay. Love the tin and bead earings. Your crusty beads arrived and they are fantastic. Love seeing them and feeling the terrific texture. Thanks for the cool bindi! xox Corrine

  4. Onya Kim (Aussie abbreviation for good on you, an expression of admiration) Nothing quite like blundering around in the dark to get the blood racing. I'm sure the gentleman was grateful for good neighbours.
    Your tin-acity in earring making is matched by your can-do attitude. tehe

  5. That was an exciting night! Glad you are both okay. Beautiful work as always.

  6. I knew the second I saw the new stuff that you hit the nail on the head so to speak with a fabulous new trend of your own... A focal and a bead all in one piece... Enjoy your new fame and here's to lots more... I check in more often now waiting to see the new work ... And the dolly tin stuff so v. Cool.

  7. I'm not sure "exciting" covers it. It sounds like a bit of a drama mixed with keystone cops. Scary for glad he's okay. Also hope your finger is okay.

    The new earrings ROCK. I think the top ones have 'gypsy' written all over them.

  8. WOW Kim!!!
    That is a happy ending to a strange story.
    I hope your finger is okay.
    Glad you were able to help the man,how scary for him.
    Your new items are so awesome no wonder they are flying out of your shop.
    I can see these earring will do well for you this summer. They would be great pair with tanks and shorts.
    Take care

  9. You are rocking the earrings, Kim! And racking up good karma (I know that's an oversimplification of the notion of karma, but I'll use it for lack of a better word) saving old guys. xoxo

  10. Your tin work is every bit as wonderful as your glass work and your glass with rusty stuff work. And your keeping the neighborhood safe work. Wow. So basically, you're wonderful! Yay you!

  11. WOW ! That is one heck of a evening spent with friends.
    Hope your finger gets better soon.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Wow, what excitement! You take care of yourself too, you know ;)

    I think your rust mixed with glass is stunning, reminds me of cloth wrapping something hard. I Adore the fact that you put some beads at the back of the earing! x

  13. Seriously gorgeous! I love the first pair...I really really do!

  14. A wild story indeed! Glad that your finger is ok and the neighbor man successfully rescued too!!!

    I absolutely love how you've transformed the rusty, dinged up old tin into such beautiful art objects!


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