Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Torch Time and a Winner





This is what showed up in the mail when I asked Suzanna from Sushipotparts if she had any reject pieces of vintage tin that I could cut up for tin elements to use in my jewelry. I think I may have some fun with this batch of crazy cool and colorful mix. I thought that it was awfully generous

I'd like to announce the winner of my giveaway Suzi of Paint Misbehavin'
I've only know her since we first met when I was 17. I hadn't seen her in over 20 years though after she left Alaska until recently I was at an art show in Fountain Hills, AZ where my sister was running a 100 mile marathon and I heard my name being called in a crowd and there was Suzi recognizing me after all that time.
Congratulations Suzi! Now I'm going to need your address.


  1. WOW Kim
    your pieces are gorgeous!!!

    I have had a kind hand from Suzanna in the past as well, she is one of a kind and so genuine!


  2. ooh and I just was wondering if you are going to list some of those nail head bead works cuz they are freakin' awesome!!!

  3. We love your newest creations, including their names. We are my friend Martha, who was in Robin's and my graduating class, and I!Ran away for a three day weekend to Hadley, Mass--near Northampton and Amherst and a wonderful bookstore in Montague, Mass.

    I gave Martha your earrings that I got a while back and she adores them. Big surprise. Nailliferous? Delicious.

  4. Oh man,I am only just getting to my blog visits and I missed your giveaway..pout pout...maybe next time!! Congrats to the lucky winner!!
    Your glass work is making me drool!!

  5. Beautiful pieces, Kim...and can't wait to see what you do with all the great vintage tin litho! Congrats to Suzi!

  6. Your new work is inspiring and so glorious. Lot’s of attention is coming your way and you so deserve it...

  7. those tins are WAY cool! can't wait to see what you do with them!

  8. Wow,wow, and wow! Your pieces are so amazing! How fun that you met someone you knew years ago at a random event. Things like that always amaze me.

  9. Those are some amazing names for your creations, were you hungry while making them? I kept thinking I was reading a glass menu for all the courses of a sparkling meal. Good stuff happening with your torch! xox

  10. Those names have put a big smile on my face, so in love with the crusty look

  11. Oh, these are so gorgeous they make my teeth ache. Inspiring.


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