Friday, March 16, 2012

Relics Old and New

I've been eyeing this site for quite awhile on Etsy that has some great relics for repurposing into jewelry or altered art. While I wish that I could say I had dug these up myself I have to be happy that I was able to splurge and acquire them for some new inspiration. This is  an example of the stuff I can't find at the Tucson Gem show that really lights my fire.

Talk about "squeeeeeee!" in the nomenclature of Fancifuldevices
(Used to denote uncontainable excitement)
Aren't these lovely?

Some super old finds...copper

The patina and wear on some of these pieces.... just wow!

Which begs another question, Will I use them or simply covet and sort my preciousssss sssstash?

And speaking of lighting my fire.... this is what I dug up in my own studio yesterday.
Amphoras anyone?
( I  made these, they are under 24 hours old)

You could use them to keep your Numinosity headpins displayed

Crusty Nuggets 

And now for something shiny

I had one more nugget but it's stuck on the mandrel, useful to decorate your potted plants

headpins...hell yeah!


  1. I can practically hear those lil bottles flying off the shelves... Who needs to wait for 2 billion years... Yeah cool vintage makes me want to just pack up my metal detector and head to Eastern Europe... Such cool stuff is right. Your new work and headpins are indeed Numinosited delishusness.

  2. i think it was you that said somewhere [though i might be mistaken cos i got a brain like a sieve] that ya just gotta get stuck in to the materials...
    as regards the romeoceltotzarist artifacts

    the glass beads are stunning and i love and admire them amphoras to bits

  3. Gorgeous stuff. You have a way with color! And I'm with Beatnheart there, let's all go on a dig.

  4. Gorgeous stuff. You have such a way with color, you talented woman!

  5. I especially love the amphoras, kim - xxoo, sus

  6. The amphoras are adorable.
    You must do someting wih the relics and show us - please? Very cool stuff.

  7. My blood started circulating when I saw your relics...I am in awe!

    The glass is gorgeous!

  8. I so adore those crusty nuggets and very envious of your relic goodies, can't wait to see what you create.

  9. Yeah I recognise some of the pieces in the coolvintage stuff as being medieval, some of it could be Roman. There's another shop called alchemyshop that has awesome bits too. Totally makes me want to buy a metal detector and live in a country that's more than 200 years old...

  10. OMGoodness Kim,
    Your work is have been busy! All so lovely, and the lovely old patina pieces are so lovely. I can't wait to see what they all will become.
    Thank you for your kind comment and healing wishes you sent my way. I think I have to slow down (or stop) my computer life for a while, as it is too hard on my brain. So I may be away for a while, but I will be back when I feel better.
    XOXOX Kim

  11. you are seriously on a roll! and i may have to stay far from that etsy shop...tho' i might want to go digging for myself in macedonia or northern greece...

  12. oh wow, these are amazing relics! hard to part with if they were mine!


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