Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cold Weather Productions- On A Roll

Nothing like a bit of unseasonably cold weather to drive me into the studio.
Snowing and blowing to beat the band just 8 miles from the Mexican border.
Actually the torching studio was too cold so I spent the last two days making some new earrings.
I was trying to stretch a bit and make non-matching earrings extra long.
...and loose up some of my new supplies...punch holes into 1000 year old relics
wire it, dangle it make it balance somehow.

The sun came out enough to photograph a few

I realized that having the earrings close to the same weight was important to me.
I think it feels funny to have one significantly heavier than the other.

Blobs torched right on to the crude filigree
Ceramic pieces in the middle from a supply swap
Thanks, Robbie!

dapped disks of a crusty aluminum baking pan
yak bone mala beads

This is what I do with my own headpins

brass disks, yak bone mala beads and numinosity headpins

Was inspired to make some red earrings after reading alek's post at infinity stop
red yak bone mala beads, dapped copper disks, copper spacers

Copper earrings with wire

More amphoras~ currently in my shop

And just to show you what my first earrings looked like when I started out back in '97
even before I was making my own beads!


  1. I don't even know where to begin... Beechin Babe! For starters the house made headpins right on the earring frame... Well that's where you got a leg up on the rest cause who else does that? Who else is capable and has the knowledge to do that... I love those and the little bottles... Now your cookin Kim... Really fookin cookin.

  2. Look at all your beautiful creations! All that cold and snow must be good for the creative spirit!

  3. This is an amazing batch of earrings. I agree with beatnheart about the headpins right on the frame. Wow.

    I've recently found some of my old earrings too and will show them in my next post. Thank goodness for practice because they are terrible.

  4. You've come a long way babe! I can't tell you how much I love your new earrings!

  5. i love mismatched earrings and i used to wear nothing but mismatched earrings. yours are gorgeous!

  6. You are clearly having heaps of fun with your relics - it all looks very tribal and cool!

  7. Bring on the cold weather if this is what you are inspired to create! The first 5 pairs are really making me drool. Love what you are doing, combining relics with beads, especially numinosity beads. More!

  8. Oh! LOVE the asymmetrical ones! They're just perfect . . . both very different-looking but each earring still has the same vibe so they clearly go together.

  9. Kim, I love the figurative quality of the first half-dozen or so pairs. Spring is here - someone should tell the weather! xxoo, sus

  10. These are fantastic!!!!! Love this direction you are going. xox

  11. All are beautiful. Especially like the non-matching:)

  12. Much beauty! Your headpins are high on my mad desire list.

  13. These are ALL so very, very cool!

  14. that last amphora is stunning, reminds me of the barnacle encrusted ones that emerge out of the meditarranean occasionally -
    asymetrical is so much fun - i agree about the weight - those ones with the relics tug on my heart strings - the rusty metal relic which resembles a cross slightly
    and thank you for the mention - think its the colour thats inspiring.
    paper on its way

  15. I have never seen anyone so creative with rusty little what-knots. I too think that there is a beauty in rusty objects, but never in a thousand years would I marry them with jewelry. Your work is incredibly original and captivating. Simple beautiful!
    Looking further down your blog and seeing that you have been to Estonia. That is on my bucket list. I have a friend that lives in Tartu. I'm so glad that I found your blog and your delightful art. Keep enjoying each and every day, Connie :)


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