Sunday, April 1, 2012

Big Fat Showoff Post~

I found the wire in exactly this shape and I thought he needed shoes.
My sculptural abilities are a bit limited in the lampwork department but I try to make up for it in quirkiness and whimsy. These were supposed to be Converse sneakers.

The colors on this nail came out looking like a psychedelic lollipop.
I don't believe I've ever made anything as bright as this before!

A cut nail with my new favorite color to crustify.
I think I'm turning from a rustafarian to a crustafarian lately.
This one came out fairly subtle and a dark metallic but I still like it

Some works in progress that I finally finished. I was waiting to buy some copper bezel sticky stuff for the watch face piece. I ended up buying a roll of copper tape from Ace Hardware to keep slugs off of trees.
Orbtacular orphans that make up a family.
I don't think I've ever made beads that came out this round before. They were always kind of donutted out. In fact i kind of shunned the round beads for a long time after I got my lentil and nugget bead presses. I'm kind of coming back around to liking them again.

These are pinky purply in case you can't tell.

More of my new favorite color to roast to crusty perfection. I only hope that my supplier has more because I only have a rod or two left. My glass comes in rods you see and sometimes they have runs of special colors that you can't get again.
I promise I'll get some in the process photos of me one day. Just need to get a photographer to help me.

Trying to please the color and neutral folks with an array of choices.
Maybe I'l branch out to more nuggets and lentils again.

Some mighty fine neutrals. I love the chalky charcoal look.

I spent some time on Etsy looking at ceramic beads. I had disregarded them for so long and now I'm a convert since I got some in a swap. I was trying to replicate some celadon wonkety nuggety beads.
I think they're a winner

Then yesterday a new tool arrived!! It's got ridges!
It took some finesse that I don't possess yet to get them symmetrical but hmm... I can live with wonky too.
These remind me of Chinese porcelain beads. 

These bright ones are already listed in my shop here

Fanci recommended that I take more top view photos of my beads when I list them to get the full effect of the crustification technique.

and you get a better idea of the hole sizing.

First ones transparent beads I've crusted up. These kind of glow amber when you hold them to the light.
Maybe I'll call them Jameson

Fiesta forever.

Just to let you all know I am more than happy to have you correspond with me if you see something you like and you can catch me before I list on Etsy and I'l make it worth your while with a gift or a discount or free shipping something like that. 

 Now I think I'm needing some days of actually making jewelry or making collages  after my torch run and of course I have to try out the techniques in fancifuldevices new tute that I just acquired.
You ought to check it out, I guarantee ( in a figurative sense of course) that it will be awesome!


  1. I love all the beads and crustifications. I especially love the neutral beads. They are spectacular!

  2. Wow, everthing is aweseome; the colored beads with that great texture, the wire sculpture, and my favorite-the tin earrings.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the tintype/watch face earrings!!!!!!

  4. Man I just felt it in ma bones sista.. Enjoy your popularity and the fact that you are in the pocket of awesomeness

  5. Beautiful!! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following! So nice to "meet" you!
    Anne ♥♥

  6. Wow you have been busy and the first pair of it!!Every single bead is magical!!Big Hugs,Cat

  7. all star player and jameson beads - absolutely brill!

  8. Oh beadalish work - like molten lava some of these beads. So surprised to see that color POP from you!!! You man in sneakers is so Kimbucha. xox

  9. Kim, you're killing me!! I wish I could purchase the whole lot! love every single thing you've made. and of course a million ideas were popping into my head as to what could be done with all of your incredibly wonderful new creations! love your new crustafarianess. the sneaker guy is great as are all of these new things. such a treat to see what you come out with each time.

  10. LOVE the wonky beads!!! And that little guy in the Converse ROCKS!!

  11. The little fellow in the sneakers is such a cutie. What I really enjoyed was reading your post about the music festival and the midnight sun. It must be amazing to witness the sunset and the sunrise, almost together like that. I would love to see your beautiful state . . . but in the summer. I do not know how you make it through the dark, cold winters. It would take someone much stronger than I. Your newest follower, Connie :) P.S. Love the little Teardrop.

  12. Love the twisted wire and the shoes! Lol!

  13. I love the little dude with the sneakers!! So cute! I'm also loving all of the round beads, so pretty and such variety. Awesome skills there!!

  14. You have a pile of creativity on you!


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