Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wired and Weird

A quick post to show you my latest~
I decided to pull out my collection of roadsmithed wire and apply a bit of lampwork since the nails seem to be popular.

I can't tell you all how much fun I'm having torching glass to everything lately!
another gap feeler gauge piece

And "Oh No...Mr. Bill!"
this face was totally unintentional... really!

The other side is just arty and crusty.
Paisley- just 'nother nail


  1. So cool! Of course, I love the glass with the rusted bits.....YUM!


  2. Oh yes! gleam and grunge!
    Love the twisty wires

  3. What are you wired to? And we know all about the weird....LOL. What you do when you do, so much going on in your head always. xox

  4. go go go....watch these babies fly outta the shop!

  5. muh-ha-ha. and now one of those glistening rusty bits is mine! yay for me. :)

  6. Such great combos of textures & colors. That looks like fun!

  7. I love this idea, Kim! I found a huge rusty threaded rod thingy on the beach and thought of you.

  8. I really like what your doing now. But how do you wear them ? On a chain or like a pin ?

    cheers, parsnip

  9. What a clever idea! I just love them.

  10. OMGoodness these are amazing! I still can't do much time on the computer these days, but couldn't wait anymore to come over for a visit and see what you are up to... and what you have been up to is amazingly beautiful! I love it all.... those rusty nails with your glasswork.... sigh, just beautiful.


  11. OH MY!!! Oh those first two just make me go all fuzzy n funny. What is it about rust we girls just get all in a fritz over? And the contrast of the slick glass...beautiful. Kickin' myself that I missed that loopy one.


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