Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sometimes People Give Me Things~ An Incredible Score!

" girl with no eyes, she's looking at me"
- It's A Beautiful Day

Some of the clothes and lace that were included.

The little bird looking thing against her thigh is her eye. The other one is rattling about in her head.

This face is just darling!

I love the crackling effects on this doll's parts.

Everyone needs some cool rubber shoes like these!

I took off the newer handmade dress to reveal this.

She looks a little jaundiced in the eyes, scary!

"And she could never pleasure herself" 
 (a hilarious quote from my son's girlfriend when she saw this doll)

When our friends Tiff and Sandy from Alaska visited us in Bisbee, AZ last winter, Sandy remarked that they had some old doll parts and pieces that had been sent to them when Tiff's mother passed away.  Apparently Tiff's father hadn't packaged them very well so they didn't arrive in very good shape and after seeing some of my assemblages Sandy thought that perhaps I could put them to good use. I was more than a little excited as I knew that Tiff was named Tiffany because he was related to the Tiffany's ( a name that would get him into a scuffle or two as a young man.)

I had no idea what was in the box that Sandy said was hanging around in their garage and I had visions of some small frozen charlottes or similar. What I didn't expect were large antique dolls  that were fairly intact except for some sawdust hemorrhaging  from various limbs. I'm in a bit of a dilemma whether I would dare to use anything  like these in an assemblage because they seem so precious as is. What I did realize as I was cropping and uploading the photos that much could be done with the images to start with. I'm offering up the images for anyone to use. I would love to see some creations that you could come up with.


  1. What amazing treasures..and thank you so much for the use of these images.I am starting to get the hang of photoshop and I will be playing with these images and I will let you know when I come up with something.Big Hugs,Cat

  2. Hi Kimberley - how lucky you are to have such kind and generous friends! And what a great idea about offering up the images! I will see what I can do with them for a start. I've had an idea for a wide wooden bangle I've been wanting to decoupage for some time now and your eyeless wonder might just do the trick! That, couple with some awesomly gothic baby doll head images my lovely friend Alicia from Altered Bits gave me one time. You are the best person to look after these wee girls. My imagination took off when I began to wonder about the little children that must have played with these delightful dolls.

  3. wow! what a great gift! you can do so much with these! wonderfully creepy!!

  4. Wow, Kim~ how cool are these?! These are really great...I'm looking forward to hear what you decide to do with them!

  5. What an amazing gift! As you mentioned the images are lovely in themselves.

  6. My grandparents had some old dolls, rather like these and I always hoped that they would give the to me but in the end, they sold them. These are great and it's very kind of you to share the photos x

  7. I remember those rubber shoed dolls! Great treasures although that last little girl is kind of scary! They could make some pretty cool collages though! xox Corrine

  8. Love your photos, Kim. I'm glad you're putting the dolls and other treasures to good use... much better than having them sit in a box for 20 years!


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