Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raining & Complaining

       It may be raining nearly every day here but at least it's not cold and dark.

One of my very favorite activities of sub-arctic winter ~ Snowshoeing!
Something I don't get to do much anymore since we started escaping to Arizona for the winters.

Frosty Girl

Summer blueberry picking.

I don't think we've had more than two days of blue sky since May here. The temps have been hovering between 50F and 60 F  (10C-15C) with clouds, rain or wind for most of June and July now.  I have managed to get in a few good spells of blueberry picking in between clouds and at least it's light out all night albeit rainy.
It does make for some good studio time though and I've been attacking the 100 or so archaeology artifact boxes that I was given that were going to be thrown away by the university museum and I'm doing some decoupage of ephemera and images on them.
I also have a couple of metal tables that I'd picked up at a garage sale that are ripe for decoupage as well. The philatelic magazines that my husband gets are full of stamp and antique mail images that I'm finding to be fun to decoupage.


  1. Frost indeed on that hair! Wow, does the cooler temps help with the bugs? Maybe there are some advantages after all. I don't mind those temps one bit! Enjoy the wild blueberries.xox Corrine

  2. Looking forward to seeing your projects with the artifact boxes...and I love the "frosty girl" pic!

  3. You look so Dutch in that one close-up. Or are you Scandinavian? I've forgotten.

    I just inherited a pair of snowshoes like those. How do you lash them on and with what?

    Your projects sound so fun. I'm jealous.

  4. Corrine- yes the cool temps and the bit of wind keeps the bugs down and the fact that there wasn't much snow last winter for puddles for the mosquitoes to breed.

    Linda- I'll be posting some pics of them soon after I completely finish a few more. I've got to make a modpodge run to the city this weekend!

    Kass- I'm pretty much English except for a smattering of Scottish and French Canadian.
    Those straps are leather and they came with the snowshoes.

    Thanks for your comments as always.
    xoxo Kim

  5. Hey kim, just catching up with you, you've been busy! Love your atc's & Erik's work. Great he found his calling & others appreciate his work but he must be exhausted!

  6. Having that studio time sounds heavenly!!With the kids still home from summer break..Ive been sneaking in about 5 minutes at a time..Its ok though..the kids are getting big fast and Im trying to appreciate it as much as I Can.
    Big Hugs,Cat

  7. Kimberly:

    I am just so fascinated by the whole idea of the "Alaskan experience". I can't imagine so much light and so much dark. Do you ever get antsy or nervous?

    Gerushia's New World

  8. oh dear, it might be even more depressing where you are than it is here (we have at least had a bit of sun of late), but it seems like there are clouds and a bit of rain every day.

    don't you dread the light fading? sigh...too bad we can't save it up while it lasts.


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