Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Has Anybody Seen Candace?

Or should the question be has Candace seen anybody?

You can read the whole story about the continuing adventures and misadventures of Candace on Cat Kerr's blog "In the Light of the Moon". I seem to be having troubles reposting the text here on my blog and she's done a wonderful job of telling the story anyhow.


  1. I love the spectacles. Cat gave her quite the adventures.

  2. what a trooper she is, nothing stops Candace! I agree with you, with the yoga and movement bits, it all adds up in the work too, I think, one goes hand in hand.
    xox Corrine

  3. HA, Brooklyn is a boy but is mistaken for a girl all the time. He is just so pretty, LOL!
    Yay, It is Wilco, Always great to meet a fan. I have home town ties to them so they are my fav, and Jeff Tweedy is a friend of my family.
    yes, please send some of your weather my way, my cousin lives in AK and I am jealous during the summer months.
    Take care and so glad you love your win!

  4. Kim,its so funny I never even realized there was no contact information for me on the blog.I changed that right away heheheh..Thank again for the chance to have Candace for a visit.The kids and I had a blast with her and they even helped with the story..Of course I had to take her with us on some day trips and the kids couldnt stop laughing when she would strike a pose.
    I will be mailing her out to Kass on Monday.

    Big Hugs and thanks again!


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