Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paint, Ink, Beeswax & Images~ ATC's

I unearthed the high grade printmaking paper that I had left over from a printmaking class I took in the early 90's. I decided to play with some of the acrylic paints in bottles that I had bought and experiment some more with my inks blending and brushing colors and dropping ink drops onto the paint. Since the application was thick and saturated I would blot the paper with another paper doubling my decorated surfaces. I cut these up into ATC-sized pieces 2.5 X 3.5 inches to use later.

Later on I stamped designs on some and added my images and text. I had just decoupaged some boxes with vintage Bingo cards (that I received in a giveaway from Amy at Mittens) and had a few snippets of text left from them which I used.

I had picked up some beeswax to use in some encaustic work but haven't yet gotten the damar resin that's needed to harden it properly. I haven't been schooled in the process yet so I was winging it by just using melted beeswax on it's own. I had some printed images on muslin that I thought would become more translucent with the application of wax but it just seemed to coat it rather than enhance except for some really gauzy worn fabric.

After scraping and distressing the wax I was left with some nondescript textural pieces. I had some mini scrapbooking rivets to play with too. Here's what I came up with~

Which one speaks to you?

waxed, stitched inked and riveted muslin

"Capture a Spiral and Turn it to Gold"
waxed teabag, gold coil, stamped and waxed background

"Somebody Stop Him!"
text and image from vintage children's book

"Postage Due"
printed muslin and ephemera catalog image

"Vertically & Horizontally"
moon piece cut form old printmaking project, Bingo text

"Modern Glyph"
Vintage dressmaking book, stampings

waxed fabric, vintage sheet music, stamping on inked, painted and blotted paper

"Music with a Flourish"
stamping, vintage sheet music, waxed fabric, stitching

Image from vintage Japanese dressmaking school book, Bingo text

"12 Different Ways"
Bingo text, vintage company stamp

"Vertically or Diagonally"
Bingo text , harnessing diagram and waxed muslin

"Japanese Stitchery"
stitched, painted and stamped muslin, image from vintage dressmaking school book

"It makes you think"
Dolly Dingle paper doll, game image

"Balancing Act"
Chinese text from travel pamphlet and stamping

Bingo text, stitching, ink

bottle cap (from Artymess), charm and stampings


  1. these are cool .love your style it's so individual .....xx

  2. This is very interesting collage, Kim. I do like effect that wax gives to work. "Capture a spiral and turn it to Gold" is my favourite.

  3. Wow have you been busy. I like the organic look of the wax on the fabric and the images are so different, how could we pick just one? Keep going. xox Corrine

  4. These are all great Kim, I do love the beeswax on artwork. I have the supplies, but haven't tried it yet. What am I waiting for?! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. My favourite is the very first one. I'd love to try some wax effects sometime. These are lovely.

  6. Ooh I like the vertically and horizontally the best I think. I just found your blog and am looking around. :)

  7. These are really great. That first one really grabbed me, but they are all good in their own unique ways. Oooh the diagonal one is a standout too. Oh so is the modern glyph...well see what I mean, they are all good! Keep going you are on a roll! Makes me want to make atc's again.

  8. These are all so intriguing, but I am quite taken with "It Makes You Think."

    BTW, my Candace post is up. Let me know if I need to reference you differently.

  9. music with a flourish is my fav... looks like you had lot of fun!!!

  10. I really love all of these and especially "12 differnt ways" and "It makes you thinks"..I need to learn about that wax hardener..I am always stressed when I mail out a beeswax project,scared it might melt.( :

    bIG hUGS,Cat


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