Thursday, July 15, 2010

ATC's From Some Rainy Daze

"Make Happy Happy"

It has a good beat.

"School Girls"

Old etching, target practice, vintage storybook image and paper doll head

vintage science book images, inks and paint.

"Does this make my antlers look fat?"

"Budding Artist"

I had been saving this snippet of text for something... and then I saw the brushes!

digitally altered Buddha head from one of my Burma pics along with a diagram from an old craft book.

"Tea on the Dock"

"The Awe of it All"
photoshop Buddha and vintage girl


Rainy days sent me up to the studio to play with paper. I cut up old prints and paper from a printmaking class from the 90's that I took. I also messed around with some leftover paint with faux glazing medium from a cupboard painting project.

Then using mostly vintage images and other papers from a swap, I created a few whimsical and decorative ATC's, the meanings of which may be elusive and enigmatic or perhaps up to the viewer to glean.


  1. I love these ATCs!!!I really like the way you've used these old prints-fantastic!!

  2. These are marvelous, love the diagrams mixed with the images! xox Corrine

  3. Please explain that 4th ATC...
    These are fun and a little glimmer into your mind.

  4. Fun fun fun..playing with paper...wonderul ATC'S

    Check out my latest post..Im afraid to say...something unforseen has happened..( :

    Warmest Regards,Cat

  5. i love the enigmatic ATCs, they're actually pretty deep. tea on the dock, the target practice doll and the anatomically correct one without a name are my favorites....very good stuff.


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