Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet the Drawing Group

I've never been part of a drawing group but when I heard it was rather casual
and was meeting at the Grand Hotel Saloon in Old Bisbee, I decided to join in.
I'd done my exercise which you can see in my last post and we all brought
some pieces to work on too.
There was some live music to enjoy as well.

It was a small group just three of us.
This is Barbara who doesn't consider herself an artist
but she makes these wonderful "cake" assemblages.

Here's our friend Julio wearing one on his 69th birthday 
at the Screaming Banshee Pizza restaurant.
I got to see some more of her "cakes" across the street from the saloon where her husband
has a studio with some  of his magnificent sculpture/assemblages.

Liz Hampton Derivan is a photographer and encaustic artist.
Have a visit to her  blog here. I couldn't show her most recent encaustic
 that she was showing us because she's putting it in for a submission and can't publish it.
I will tell you it's luminescent and wonderful.

Here's her eyedropper inking.
I really like the way it turned out!


  1. this looks amazing and like it is so much fun.
    there used to be a coffee house in St Louis 20 years ago that makes me think that this has the same vibe.
    I am in love with the cake piece!!!
    Thanks for sharing these photos and the work with us out here. Boy sure wish Vegas had a cool arts scene.

  2. Amy, Bisbee is incredibly arty, I may have to do a photo shoot downtown. the whole place is an assemblage!

  3. Kim!!!
    A delicious experience with a brilliant result!
    I liked his work with the drawing & paint!
    The pictures look great!
    Are you really well !
    I really enjoyed ! Continue!

  4. Great post Kim, and I just saw Amy's comment and I couldn't agree more! Vegas's art scene does not exist! I have been to Bisbee and it is a cool place for that kind of thing.

  5. What a great group. Love that hat. Does the bulb light up too?
    I think your lovely ladies, from last post would have been liberated in the saloon.

  6. I love hearing about all the artists you know as well as looking at your work!

  7. Looks like a great group. Those cake assemblages are fab and all the drawings I could see were quite wonderful. Keep it up! xox Corrine

  8. The next exercise is 100 faces any way I choose. Should be fun!

  9. This really looks like a fun time and group.
    I drew with an eyedropper about a million years ago and you reminded me how fun it was !
    100 faces could be fun or...

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Such creative people you rub elbows with.

  11. this looks like a fun place to be with guitars in the


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