Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a little revamping for the the One World One Heart event

I had been meaning to get around to sprucing things up around here. I get a little scared when I start dinking around with design. My computer only crashed once and apologies to anyone who may have visited while I was trying out new backgrounds. They look so nice until you see them in full force on your monitor. This one is from Itkupilli.
You can see the link for the One World One Heart Event on my sidebar.
Now if anyone can tell me how to fit that one thing on my sidebar that isn't fitting  
( the subscribing to comments thingy) I would appreciate it.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks, xoxo Kim


  1. OOOO....Ahhhhhh! I love this new look. Especially the wallpaper background. You're brave to change things ~everytime I do it on my blog something isn't there or stops working!

  2. Love the new look.

    If your 'recent comments' don't fit on your sidebar, you might have to lower the px to something less than 200.

    Or if this is not what you're talking about, try this:

    * Go to settings and click on site feed.

    * Switch to advanced mode.

    * Set ‘blog comment feed’ to full or short.

    * Click on the template tab.

    * Click on ‘add a page element’ and choose feed then add to blog.

    * Copy the url to your comment feed, which is

    * Paste your feed in the box and hit continue. Blogger will retrieve your feed.

    * Give your feed a title something like “Recent Comments.” Click on save changes.

  3. Love your background - but I know what you mean about changing things! I am not confident enough with all this stuff to sort out the probs if it all goes wrong! I love Itkupilly's stuff too!


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