Saturday, January 22, 2011

Figures & Artist Trading Cards

It's been awhile since I've gone an art card run. 
I've had everything laid out in front of me numerous times, 
just making a mess and sorting 
cutting out a few images and text and bundling it all back up again 
sticking it back in the drawer.
Yesterday was the day I endeavored to make another collection.
I realized when I was scanning these  that I 
have a propensity for putting figures in my ATC's
I think it's because of the small space I have to make  my artistic statement
and that ready made figures are quite handy,
a shorthand for me
and the text too 
and a few swapped heads
and I have fun
combining and sometimes going "hmmm?"

I love typing manuals for the text
and old magazine ads
especially with some old gal from the early 1900's

I'm sure you can guess what the title is on this one
but what you may not know is that is an altered pic of a cactus
in the background.

I've cut up a few of my old printmaking projects
for some of these backgrounds

The Whiner

My brother gave me the most delightful pageful of crying babies from the early 1900's
I've been scanning and using their faces

definitely altered art
apologies to Matisse

Yellow Hat Guys Make Me Cry

Look To the Future


I Would Have Curtsied

Should Be

Goddess Shoe

Too Many Hams

I'm happy to trade any of these if you wish.
Even if you don't want to trade I'd love to hear which one is your favorite.
Thanks, xoxo Kim


  1. oh they are all so good, I have some type writing manuals I should send your way.
    The Whiner is my fav...totally great subject matter. haven't we all had to deal with this person at work, LOL
    thus the reason I choose to be a sahm

  2. OOOH Kim can I swap Goddess shoe with you ......Pretty please ......xxxlove your cards you quirky gal !!!.....xx

  3. Lorna, I thought you would like that one! Of course I'll trade.

    Amy, is that the trade you'd like to do? You can just send me a few pages with text rather than whole books though. I'm getting snowed under!

    xoxo Kim

  4. they are all wonderful, but I love goddess shoe..

  5. Kim,
    they are all delicious and delicate
    and has a nice combination ...
    I liked the "Look To the Future".
    He certainly has a bright future!

  6. I like Goddess Shoe and the crying babies especially Matisse (glad there are no sound effects!):)

  7. Some very funny stuff there Kim. I love the baby heads in all the poses...
    but I really like just the traditional collage Faros best. xox Corrine

  8. These are so cool!! I like the crying babies...especially "Yellow Hats." That makes me laugh everytime I look at it. And "Should Be" & "The Whiner."

    I don't think I'v ever seen an old typing manuel before? I guess I need to hang out in SW thrift stores more. :) Thanks for sharing Kim. Tam

  9. My favorite is Faros, followed by Apologies to Matisse. Awesome baby face cards. If you want to see a few of what I have available go to: If you like what you see add me as a contact and I can add you and then you can see the rest of them. :)) (I have most of my flickrstream marked private.) Anwyay, these are fabulous!!

  10. :) looks like you had a great time

  11. What a Sunday night treat with my coffee! The 5th image down is the one for me, and I don't think you owe Matisse any apology whatsoever. Thanks for the fun, Kim.

  12. These are great. I like the yellow hat one.

  13. OH my gosh Kim, these are so great! I love humor in art and you had me laughing!

  14. Great backgrounds, Kim, and some really funny faces.

  15. I love the card, I got it and it is so awesome. Thank you so much. I can't remember where on your blog you said to look about Whites. Loved your downeast pages. :)) Thank you for the trade. Anytime you want to trade again you are on!!!!

  16. just a note as i wander through your blog. i got here by way of owoh tho i havent put a comment yet on that post. you have a wonderful way with ephemera and textures. i haven't gotten to your lampwork yet - i sometimes do beads myself. really enjoying myself in these parts. see you later


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