Saturday, January 15, 2011

Inking Portraits and an Art Lab

I was invited to join some other local artists for an art lab.
They'll be meeting at the historic Grand Saloon in Bisbee.
Happens to be Bloody Mary Sunday as well.
Good thing I did my exercise beforehand.

We were to choose a picture
as a model for our pieces.

And then apply ink with an eye dropper.
my ink happened to be packaged that way.
( remember my whole box of inks from the garage sale?)
I used watercolor paper.
And blot it with a piece of toilet paper.

And color it if you like.
I used watercolor crayons

They had different personalities.

Sepia marker and watercolor pencil.
Hey, I was painting with an eye dropper, remember!

Circus clown or scullery maid?
( I kind of like this one, actually)

I saved the worst for last

No wonder she looks depressed...


  1. Kim these are so cool! I can't draw to save my life! I love the different personalities with each one. The lines look so simple but the expressions are so intense. Love it!

  2. Becca, you should give it a try since it's so awkward anyway with the eyedropper, there's no mistakes and then you can forgive yourself for totally wonky portraits and you may be pleasantly surprised!

  3. She looks depressed in some of the frames, but not in all. To me she looks wonderful. What a splendid idea to share your work in this way.

  4. Great for you Kim, I like this eyedropper idea. I would be totally intimidated having to dry like that, enjoy the bloody mary's! xox Corrine

  5. Me thinks each lady is in dire need of a bloody mary. Hot spicy ones!! :)

  6. You're right, Kim. This was a fun lab! See you at the Grand.

  7. Wow This is amazing - love the results !

    Thank you for your very vey sweet words - means a lot to me x

  8. oh this is very cool.
    Makes me want to skip off to art class.

  9. wow, i couldn't do this with a fine nib!

    Thanks for the heads up re sari ribbon, might be the same place Heloise told me about & i do love it, but, I know you'll understand, it's the searching, the hunt that's part of it, altho you wouldn't refuse a bag of rusty bottle tops someone collected for you, but you wouldn't maybe want to buy some from a company who rusted them on purpose & was thinking 'suckers'! ;)You know?

    As for your Coco cola sign, I want to come out & take a big rubbing! (or hang it in my studio ;) Lovely last few posts, but I'm a little freaked by dolls heads, sorry!

  10. these are fun what a great creative exercise and even better with bloody marys (hic) and all your nice arty friends

  11. how fun! these look so cool!!

  12. these are wonderful, great work, with an ink dropper? loss of control and yet what amazing results!

  13. What a fun, interesting exercise, Kim! My favorite is the circus clown/scullery maid, too!

  14. Kim,
    their readings and interpretations of the picture are great!
    You worked really well stains, color and line!
    I love it!


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