Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yesterday's Children

Some little projects that were mostly completed yesterday
~my little children~
I had some end bits from some journal papers that were left over
after cutting the paper to size for my cereal box journals.
Why not use my baby wipe paint brush blotter for some color?
I'm fond of "Wonder Under" a product that fuses to fabric with an iron and 
then you can fuse your pieces to other fabric or even cardboard.
 I like to make fabric postcards this way 
and it's a great way to use up scraps.

A lampwork embellishment that I made

 I must tell you that I've been heavily inspired by Corrine
 at Dosfishes on these projects.

She had sent me a wonderful altered Kombucha bottle that she had made
and after finding a mother lode of patina-ed antique bottles at a yard sale
I wanted to try some myself.
This is what I came up with.
I happened to have some  vintage lace that I dyed last year.
I used saffron and tea and coffee.
And some beeswax to attach the lace to the bottles.

I want to make some lampwork stoppers of my own for them
although some of them are Lea & Perrins sauce bottles 
and I have a goodly stash of the original glass stoppers for those.

This one needs some more dangly bits
Oh yes and I do love my new stash of sari silk ribbons!

It took me into another color palette

 I didn't want to cover up or take away from the patina
which is almost dichroic on some after being buried for so long
much like ancient Roman glass

These babies are destined for a road trip to Alaska this spring 
because we may be opening a little shop out back next to our house
for the folks rolling by on the Alaska Highway.


  1. great projies and I loves wonder under too!! : )

  2. you've been busy. your little books look great! I love making and binding books! the bottles will be fun for your shop! hope that works out.

  3. I get really inspired by what you do Kim! Thanks for the hint about the wonder under! Really love the aqua color on the bottles...

  4. what great art for Alaska..bring in a bit of the your sunny palette and combo of textures.. glass bottle blue is one of my favorites!

  5. These little ladies have been dressed so nicely!

  6. great find those glorious bottles......what colours on them and in all their finery....xx

  7. Geesh! You are amazing - how many different techniques did you just post about in one sitting! Talent is streaming out of you!


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