Sunday, December 12, 2010

Incoming and a Collaboration

Part of a collaborative winter journal with Corrine of Dosfishes
and Lyle of Just a Note
We're doing three journals with each of us adding to the others with a winter theme.
It's interesting and challenging to be leaving room for the other's additions.

So nice to be getting mail from other artists in exchanges and giveaways

Another page from Corrine's journal. I've added a couple of Arctic animal stamps.

This is what I won from Lorna of Artymess.
It's perfect for our desert home near the Mexican Border.
She was a bit skeptical of the random number generator I had recommended 
because I ended up winning when she used it!

She also sent me this fabric collage

And this wonderfully colorful and textural fabric postcard.
I just love the feel of her work!

And this ATC that is also fitting for this part of the country.

And a decorated Kombucha bottle from Corrine.
Here's a link to see more of  her Kombucha Bottle Madness                                      

You wouldn't believe how much stuff we had to move off of this shelf to make way for these decorations!

Kind of Christmasy even though it's in the 70's here  ( low 20's C)

 Oh yes, and the tree!
 The Dewi Sri rice goddess Christmas tree topper
from my brother in Bali

It actually is getting to look like Christmas here.


  1. Fun journal project~ it will be interesting to see how the collaboration turns out! Congrats on the giveaway win, too!

  2. oh yeah, rub it in 70's at christmas, how well I remember and how it doesn't really feel like christmas! but lucky you!! I love a warm day! and that post box of yours! wowee!

  3. No it was a totally random number selector ....i was just teasing couldn't have gone to a more fitting home was meant to be ...xx

  4. can your elderly mailbox stand all the excitement! Isnt it fun to get mail from your fellow artists!

  5. How fun to spread all this joy.

  6. Great gifts from Lorna, wow! Love your decorations, reminds me so much of my Mom's filling up the house with Christmas. Fun stuff in the journal pages. This is such an exciting project to have bits of all of us together. xox Corrine

  7. that is the all time best tree topper i've seen!
    and what a marvelous collaboration you have going.

  8. when i read that it was in the 70s there, i read it as "it's the 70s here," and i pictured green tiles in the bathroom and a lot of wood paneling. i wonder if i need to watch less BBC Lifestyle television...

    i started a journal exchange project at the beginning of 2010 and totally lost the plot on it during our move. perhaps your project will inspire me to pick it up again!

    merry christmas to you!! and enjoy that 70 degrees! it's -13 here (celcius).



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