Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Bit of This 'n' That

My Russian birthday cake from A local Delta Junction baker

Dreaming of the move to Arizona last month

Now this is the view out of my kitchen window.
I tell ya these little guys are gluttons!
Say "goldfinch thistle seed" three times fast

Revisiting old collections for inspiration

Beads and Bows

And baubles

I wish they would photograph themselves!

Let's try it out on a rock                          

 Heel from a migrant's shoe found on the trail.
I added a little copper and patina.

More painting of journal covers
Muslin on cereal boxes

I just love patina-ing objects.

I wonder how I'll incorporate this into a piece.

A layout for a piece. Nothing is attached yet.

Do you remember my wabi-sabi shibori with staples from last spring?
I left it out for 7 months while we were in Alaska.
The staples didn't rust as I had hoped but the rocks I used to weight it down added a little something.

 It's funny that it doesn't seem as if I am doing that much artwork when I'm not in full production mode.  What I have been doing is bits and pieces and working on stages of several projects at once. Normally I work on several pieces of the same kind at once such as assembling more than a dozen earrings or a mass of ATC's or sewing postcards all at once. Or several hours at the torch making beads.  I seem to be flitting from project to project so it feels a little less focused until I add up what I've been up to in the past few weeks. In between we've had house guests that graciously let me know that I can carry on with my projects but I find that to be quite difficult and end up jaunting around with them on their tourist agenda and meals out. I'm quite distractible and end up feeling out of sorts and ungrounded if I'm torn away from the studio for too long with socializing. 
 I've got a full tank of oxygen now so I can resume making bigger lampwork beads without the fear of running out in the middle of a torch session.
 I'll share some pics of my newest beads on my next post along with some of the pages of my winter themed collaboration journal.

Happy Holidays to all and enjoy your families and friends.
                                                             xoxo Kim


  1. wow this is a lot going on all at once, I have to say that my fav is the plate of doll parts and goodies...
    Have fun and I love your art and I think all of us artist always have 20 projects going on at one time, thats just how are minds work.
    Take care
    Happy Holidays

  2. Really like that four part wood piece. Are those hinges? I've jumped around on various projects as well lately, so maybe next year I'll pick a focus, so I will feel I've accomplished more! Oh and I love patina too :-)

  3. Hope you had a great birthday, Kim~ the cake looks so great! Love all the pieces you're doing with patina...

  4. I love the look of your projects. I have all my crafty projects stuffed away in a cabinet. How fun it would be to have a whole room to play in like you do.

  5. YOu are busy busy too! Love the necklaces and that layout - cool stuff! Send some of that cake to me!!! xox Corrine

  6. How did I miss your birthday ?...Happy Birthday

  7. Deborah,
    That wood piece was some little wooden hinged crafty bit that I found at the thrift store. I left it out to weather it for 7 months so now it's warped and weathered looking.
    Thanks for your comments and have a Happy Solstice!

  8. Ooooo I love all you're doing here - esp. that assemblage that you haven't stuck together! I like that a lot!!

  9. love, love, love the rustic copper rings! and just this feast of creativity in general. happy solstice to you!!


  10. Love and hugs to you my friend for the festive season. Hope it’s a fabulous Christmas for you and yours! Best wishes for the New Year.

    Gaby xo

  11. You've got to grab what family visits you can. LOVE all your 'flitting' about on this post, you just carry on, plenty of time for focus! It's been great knowing you this last year, too, blog buddy ;)

  12. The cake looks sooo good, but so do all the pictures in this post! Is that a beehive? I was just thinking how cool it would be to have one today - can't wait to hear what you do with it!


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