Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting Into the Mode

It seems like I've been too busy to blog practically since I got down to our Southern home.
I guess I've been focusing on getting back in shape now that I can enjoy warm temperatures again.
Between walking, hiking and going to the gym with a bit of yoga thrown in it seems that I haven't been creating as much, at least not blogging about it anyway. I guess I'm still kind of adjusting to the move.

I did get few sessions in at the torch. I keep thinking that my tank is about to run out of oxygen since it's zeroed out but now I'm beginning to wonder if my regulator went kaflooey while we were absent the last 7 months. To be safe I've only been making smaller beads so I won't be cut short in the middle of one I'm making.

I've been enjoying some hiking around here. Plenty of inspiration abounds.

In the Dragoon Mountains of southern Arizona

Finding balance in the Dragoons

It's a funny kind of Christmas spirit for me living down here. Being a northern girl through and through it takes a bit of extra effort in short sleeves and sandals to make the Christmas charm come alive.   Seeing everyone's posts about their sales and creating makes me a bit wistful but I really left the selling season behind me in Alaska with all of my inventory too.
Our house is fully decorated and bedecked with lights and most of my gift-giving happened before I left the northland. It's kind of freeing but I really feel as if I should be doing something, promoting my wares somehow. I think I'll get over it and realize that I don't need to pressure myself to be in sales mode and actually can relax and enjoy the season. 

It's all in finding that balance of fitness, relaxation and creativity for me at the moment.
I think the holiday will shine its light on me just perfectly!


  1. Wonderful photos of the rocks, like watching a yoga class in nature. Beads are yummy. Glad you are taking care of yourself. Maybe a quiet contemplative holiday is what you needs. xox Corrine

  2. Beautiful beads Kim, and I'm happy you are enjoying this warmer weather. I'm outside now getting a bit of fresh air myself! Happy Holidays!

  3. I just did my last hard sell (well, not that hard, really!) fair & I too feel free!I can finish up a secret santa gift (kris kringle? at least that's what is was when I was a New Jersey girl)& work in my sketchbook for the project & look out the tree decorations for next weekend & maybe find a carol service AND I must do some yoga! Lovely, you just relax girl!

  4. Yes Corrine is right maybe you need this time .....don't be hard on yourself...enjoy relax .......wish I could do that ...although only another week to go in school then 2 weeks off ...phew creative juices are a bit dry too I think it's the early dark nights just makes you want to curl up in your cave ....have fun...xx

  5. I wish I had a little more of your drive to be creative.

    Great pictures.

  6. I am very curious about your creative process. Kim and I will really enjoy seeing what you do.


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