Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Transfers- Fabric, Paint and Gesso

I got the horse image from some deteriorating fabric that was on a box spring that we had been using as a door for our greenhouse. It was sheer and fragile so I glued it to some canvas that I found in the garage of the house I had bought back in the 90's. I'm talking serious reuse here!
The wooden door-like image was made using a skin transfer technique that I learned in Caterina Giglio's online class (which is still going on if you would like to participate)

This is an ATC (Artist trading card- 2.5 " x 3.5") on gessoed canvas.
The image is a window from a photo I took in Havana.

Practicing some new techniques here.
I allowed a little of the reverse side of this vintage magazine image to remain.
You're looking at two pictures  from the same page against a vintage  physics book page. (the girl on the swing and part of a wicker basket)

This is what happens when your newly purchased special paint spills. You try to use it up on some of your paper that is nearby.
The image from a vintage Grey's Anatomy book also is showing both sides of one page. The text is from one side and the diagram is from the other....magic!
I had a stack of gessoed pages from an old ring bound cookbook. I sewed them together when I realized that the gesso curled the thin pages horribly.

From my trip to Angkor Wat.
 Against muslin with some sparkly paint to enhance.

I'm enjoying pairing this windmill pic that I took in Douglas, Arizona with other images.
The buddha photo was most likely taken on one of my Thailand trips.

This photo was taken in Burma and the piece here is the result of a failure that worked to my advantage. (which I guess isn't a failure after all!)

I've been making some great messes in the studio with my newly learned techniques.
It's always been a part of my process which is to do things in a hurry and go at  my projects with a fury which results in an explosive mess. Just ask my mother or my husband what the kitchen looks like when I'm in the food production zone! I'm fast though, really fast. I recall that being remarked upon when I took my printmaking class back in the nineties as well.

You can view more of my recent transfers here  at La Dolce Vita's blog. 


  1. Some great images here. I love the windmill/buddha image especially.

  2. I like all these transfers very grungy looking but the skin transfer sounds painful..ha ha!

  3. these look so fabulous together and I am glad that you are having such a great time! thanks for participating!! xx's

  4. I saw the transfers on Cat's blog and you have just done and amazing job, wow, wow, woohoo. These came out so great...I can see you making transfer bits to use in your necklaces......xox Corrine


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