Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kwee Zine

Last summer I was inspired to do a collaboration with my family that had gathered for a summer visit at our Shady Nook camp in Maine. Since we are all into cooking it became the "Kwee Zine" (cuisine for you non word- play types)

I had been to the Chicken Barn near Ellsworth that is a day trip in itself with a plethora of used books  housed in the two story former chicken barn.
I had barely made it through the front door to the "bah-gain" bin. (Maine accent inserted here) and picked out a vintage physics book to plunder for inspiration.
An old cookbook from my grandmother's collection was sacrificed.
She was  the one that infused a love of cooking for all of us.
We had so much fun with this project it was suggested that we do a family zine every time we congregate!

My brother Dan that lives in Bali added some recipes with the help of his wife, Sri.

As you can see my brother  Dan and I share a certain off-beat humor.

My son, Cassidy joined in.

My niece Joyana who happens to be studying scientific illustration

My mom whose passion is cooking.
Our local lobsterman gives them all of the peekie-toe crabs from his lobster pots.
My mom and dad will sit and pick the meat out for hours. 16 crabs yield a pound of crabmeat but it's free!

A vintage coloring book to plunder for images.

My grandmother's cookbooks were nearby. I love penuche!

My big sister Robin made this pie for us.

More of Dan's imagination at play here.

Fuel for the zine.

Feel free to copy any or all of these pages  for a reproduction of the zine.


  1. what an awesome kwee-zine zINE! loved it and the recipes!

  2. This is just marvelous... so glad you got the books at the bah-gain bin.
    Better cooking through physics? There is NO way I would pick for all that crab however, free or not, just to much work.....xox Corrine


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