Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Seamster Room

This guest room in the Garaj Mahal quite often houses visiting field archaeologists. It was a huge disappointment to them this year when we told them it was no longer available for rent. 

The housing in Delta Junction is sometimes marginal and my husband had the best deal going, good times, open space and quite often lively parties. Along comes crafty wife and it comes to a screeching halt. 
You see after the wedding I still had to finish out my DOT job 100 miles away in Fairbanks and wasn't able to move in with him right away. So this summer we needed to set up  the new studio and somehow I've managed to lay claim to yet another room where the sewing machine resides.

 I've found that if you need to take out a sewing machine every time you need one it just won't get used. Now it has a place and we've kept two small beds in the room for guests. The bed didn't make for a very good cutting surface so I've added a 6 foot table now.


  1. I used the dining room table for so many years and now at last I have my own space.And your right it seems to take on a life of its own.How wonderful to have a space!!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. I totally agree! I had to give over my old sewing table when my laptop screen busted and I had to turn it into a desktop. It didn't take me long to craigslist an IKEA table for one of the bedrooms to reset up the sewing machine. If I had to drag it out every time I'd NEVER get to use it!

  3. How wonderful to have your own sewing space. I keep my machine set up on a desk against one wall in my dining room and use the dining room table for cutting out. It works out well at this stage in my life so I can be out among the children. The children I have left at home are ages 16, 9, 7 and 21 months. You can see photos of my sewing area on my sewing blog if you scroll through the older posts. It's no longer on the first page. www.sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com

  4. My sewing machine sits up in my loft, dusty and unused for exactly the reason you state. I love sewing, too. As usual, thanks for the myriad inspiration! Incidentally, I have those same dowel brackets.


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