Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Creative Handicrafts"

My last visit to the local thrift store netted me a 1938 book Called "Creative Handicrafts" by Mabel Reagh Hutchins which has the most basic overview of crafts from pottery to the art of dyeing. There are a few sweet illustrations but the most hilarious thing is an excerpt from the "Art of Dyeing" chapter.

After some pages of instructions on batik she includes some basic instructions on "Tie and Dye"
I quote... "This may be called the kindergarden class of batiks. It's a simple process---one really feels like an inmate of an institution for the feeble-minded while doing it---but affords much fun experimenting and many lovely effects may be obtained."

She obviously had never seen the complexities of shibori tie and dye!

My collection of rusty bottle caps is growing by day and I'm readying to create more bottle cap earrings.
Also my bamboo beads decoupage project is coming along nicely.

I'm spending a little bit of time down in the "Pure Torcher-South Studio" as I've just signed up for a local holiday bazaar at the Serbian Hall in Bisbee two weeks from now. I hope to have an array of goods since I've left the bulk of my inventory in Alaska.


  1. Ah. I was looking forward to seeing the bottlecap earrings. Perfect with the copper wire and turquiose-y bead additions. p.s. I am inclined to wonder just what is a Serbian hall, anyway??

  2. Thanks for leaving comment on my blog. I love the bottlecap earings. What a great idea! Your beads are so unique and beautifull.


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