Monday, November 2, 2009

Pure Torcher Studio

Since my retirement and move, I've had to set up two new studios. One in Alaska and one at our winter home in Arizona.

This Alaskan studio is quite a step up from my old dank corner in my old garage. I have high ceilings and window light with lots of room for storing a plethora of random collections. The vent hood is working better than my old one too since it goes straight up through the roof. I had been concerned about my old vent hood as I was experiencing a metallic taste in my mouth after lampworking sessions. I know that can't have been a good thing.

This studio is housed on the upper floor of the Garaj Mahal, our two story structure that is filled with all manner of hunting, camping and necessary items for living in the great northland. ( I wish that I'd made up that most fitting name Garaj Mahal but the credit goes elsewhere, Thanks Foote's) It's has three bedrooms upstairs that have housed seasonal archaeologists and are now guest rooms. Two of them I've taken over for a lampworking- hot glass studio and studio annex/sewing room. See I told you I've been blessed with lots of room!

The propane tank is housed outside on the deck and I'm using an oxygen concentrator as my oxygen source.


  1. Ooooh - the Garaj Mahal just sounds and looks splendid. I need one of those myself! No one yet has taken up my suggestion to shout me to Paris for the week. I might have to get funding instead to stay in this palace of yours.

  2. Unfortunately it probably costs more to fly to Alaska than Paris.
    I do have an idea to eventually have workshop/retreats here. Get together and make stuff and eat wild caught salmon and enjoy the midnight sun.

  3. What an awesome studio. The retreat idea sounds like a good one.


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