Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nails, Wires Necklaces and Hexes

I was almost finished with this necklace when I realized it didn't have any of my lampwork in it. 
This happens every once in awhile.
It does have some big chunky Thai silver beads
and some fabulous ceramic raku beads with plenty of sheen.
Lava beads and abalone shell and enameled copper.

And wire wrapping with oxidized silver field wire.
I was curious about this "silver field wire" that I got at the gem show in Tucson.
It was cheaper and still looked good to me.
Someone behind me in line remarked about the misspelling.
I still didn't get it.
Finally... duh, I got it! Silver filled wire.
I still bought it.

Kim tries her hand at wire wrapping
I kind of like it in a messy kind of way.
I do NOT know what I'm doing!
Ocean jasper focal
Thai silver croissant squiggles.
I have loads of these squiggles back in Alaska to sell.
Let me know if you're interested.
Lava beads, some lampwork and stones.

You know what? I'm running out of twisty wire, whatimgonnado?
A limited run I guess. I do have lots of rusty nails, some waiting for me in Alaska.
People have been contacting me, they have some.

So I thought I'd post this on Etsy before I put it up here and zip it's gone

and this one too...sorry 

This one is coming up

And new crusty  big hole soft hexes.
Look at the ephemera alek gave me!
We did a bit of a swapperoo

Crusty wasabi big hole soft hexes

Still playing with the ridge-y press.
I kind of like it but have to watch the ends so I don't leave them too sharp.


  1. Wonderful new things...wish I had a buncha twisted wire but i don’t.
    You did a fab trade...well it was Alek so wadya expect...the lady’s got killer taste....i’m sure she’s freakin at your papers too...glad to hear the nails are still hot...and so they should be...fabulous!

    Twisty wire things me like...

  2. Love the rusty nail bead thingies.
    Perfect !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Great new work! It's all wonderful. And still flying out of your shop I see. No surprise there. :) love the soft hexes and especially the first necklace. Wow! Fantastic combination of colors and textures.
    You don't ever have to worry about running out of rusty wire again. Give steel wire a nice salt water bath and you're all set! Just think, you could make yourself a whole converse family!

  4. oh I do hope you make more of those crusty bits!
    They are fabulous!!!
    I missed my chance at snapping one up :(


  5. Uh Uh Uh, great stuff emerging from your nimble fingers - loving you inner direction and trusting your voice. xox

  6. Loving your new pieces, intrigued by the croissant squiggles and liking the messy wire wrapping. I only got the silver field wire because you told me.

  7. Yummy post, Kim. Hey, when are you guys headed back to AK? -sus

  8. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! I love how you combine these seemingly random elements. You have such a good eye!

  9. Loving the pale, soft, sky like colours in your necklaces, they feel very spiritual

  10. Good morning! Found you through Cat's blog... Your work is just amazing - textures, line and color... yum!


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