Saturday, April 14, 2012

Introducing *Criffles*


Crusty riffles, a new crusty take on my whorls but now in muted colors (although this scan is making them look less than muted) and reduction frit with the soda finish. 
Maybe I haven't explained to you how I crustificate my beads. As I'm torching I roll the beads in plain old baking soda several times in between torching. then the bubbling happens and leaves a hard spongy powdery and aged looking surface. My work table ends up looking like a scene out of Scarface

They got big holes

Thinking of doing a transparent run today on this theme today.
I've got less than two weeks to wrap this operation up before we fly back to Alaska.
Then the shows start...and the Farmer's Market and back to the Garaj Mahal studio
with lots of space and less distractions.

another feeler gap gauge piece. 
I think it looks like a rams horn

and a shiny one.

Oh, and good news I just discovered another drawer full of twisty rusty wire, Yay!


  1. hahahahaha. scarface! love the criffles. yummy fun fo' sure. have a lovely and passionate day kim!

  2. Awesome! I love rusty, crusty things!

  3. Holy crapp criffles!!! Luv these K! Another addiction !!! Criffles jones! Nails jones! What them all...

  4. omg you made me lol!
    Love your descriptions and the way you work.
    Oh the Garaj Mahal!!
    So funny.
    Sounds like you are on a roll.
    I bet it is going to be hard to pack up, you seem right in the groove.

  5. Criffles. Wonderful word. Love your ram and the language play here today. Criffle onward !

  6. *Criffles* Love! One of these days I'm going to lock myself in my studio to avoid distractions. I *NEED* to be busy in there!

  7. Love the Criffles!! And also the Garaj Mahal, that's a fabulous name. Incredible pieces, girl.

  8. Love the Criffles! And that name, the Garaj Mahal? That's fabulous. Beautiful pieces, girl.

  9. in Indonesian Raj Mahal means the expensive king or it could be the Great esteemed King, good name Kim

  10. Love the criffles! Can't wait to see them on a necklace or bracelet - beautiful.

  11. Oh yeah more twisty wire art in glass. I like these beads and your explanation is so simple, baking soda of course - simple and cool baby cool. xox

  12. I love the name "criffles" what a hoot. Plus they do look like their mane.
    It sounds like you will be busy the second you get home.
    How did you like the dusting of snow and rain that
    was sent as a goodbye/welcome home to Alaska gift. Seems Alaska wants you back now !

    cheers, parsnip

  13. W-OW!!! Criffles!!! Fan-bloody-tastic!!!! -And the rusty nail - oh my heart!! They do strange things to me!!!!
    Have a great trip back to your other home.

    Petra xxox

  14. Love the criffles! So great with the rusty metal.


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