Thursday, December 1, 2011

Neighborhood Watch

Feeling better now so I took a little walk around the neighborhood.
This place is a rustafarian's dream. Lot's of distress and rusty collections and rockwork, that's why I love the place.
We're starting with my street side patio which is called a "portale" in Spanish. My road is actually called a trail named after a famous Indian warrior which I also love.
Reminds me of Alaska, the frontier, the trail part that is.

Can you guess what this is? It only cost me $2 at an antique store.
I'll send you a little something if you guess it right!

Here's the handle

The lot next door just waiting for a photo op.
See,  I like it better when decorations and structure go awry with nature.
It pleases me. That's why I couldn't live in Scottsdale.
We're kind of in a different country down here in Bisbee, the border of the border I guess.
Stucco Art

Creative abodes. That mountain in the background is in Mexico.
I hear that a famous comedian lives here. Dave has it in his mind that a clown lives here so it's the clown house. They have lively parties that we can hear. We haven't met them yet.

They painted the rocks in the yard

The place looks like a fun party even without the folks

My neighbor thinks Italian Cypress are ridiculous worthless trees.
I think they're kind of exotic "graveyard trees" 

And look, they are a birdhouse to many.
This is one of those shots that I prefer the manmade phone lines rather than just nature.
Makes the composition more exciting to me and it looks as if the bird is sitting on the line, which it's not.

I haven't seen this particular strain of cacti before or should I call it fracti?
Just beautiful.

Meet the meters

the back side of the clown house, They party on the roof there.

A different perspective of my studio
Lower part of the blue house on the right.
I've never looked at our house from this vantage point before from the street below us.

Do you see a face? I do.  Shades of Easter Island in the wash on Black Knob

parumpapum pum I spy a drum.
OK it's a tank but that's not quite so poetic or Christmasy.

I could make a reference to Tanksgiving  but that would be too corny.

Now if I could just get into this window... treats inside!

patterns everywhere

Old style concrete garages

You can see the imprint of "Drink Coca Cola" on this concrete wall.
How cool is that!

Desert Birch

'Nother garage 

I thought this looked like a crane in this empty garage

Rusty loveliness
And this was just a couple of streets nearby. 
Thanks for joining me on my walk today.


  1. Thanks so much for taking me along - (my actual morning walk was picking along the icy road with a flashlight in torrential rain) Love, sus

  2. Fantastic sights along your walk Kim. This is such a lovely post. Nice to see blue skies and bright colours as we are swathed in grey here. Your homestead is certainly full of great photo opportunities. Thanks for sharing them with us. penny

  3. What a great walk !
    Thanks for the photo tour !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Oh my this was a treat!!
    Loved every minute of it and your sense of humor is right up my alley
    What a fun place to explore and the history is so amzing
    Your desert is alot cooler than mine
    I will take rusty art and cool spaces over flashing lights any day
    Glad you are feeling better

  5. Is it a slinky that you bought for 2.00?

    Would make a great rust print.
    Lovely pictures.

  6. What a super artsy place you live in... thanks for the inspirational photo tour... i always find it interesting how desert communities just come to an end and the desert begins...
    Your two dollar deal looks like a compost turner to me...
    glad you are feeling better.. the weather is too lovely to be sick in bed!

  7. I can see how this place would stimulate your creativity. I think that thing is a giant eggbeater.

  8. Pretty wicked cool walk there my friend. So much going on, love all the pattern and texture too. No clue what the thing-a-ma-jig is ... xox Corrine


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