Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mystery Item's Function Revealed

It seems no one was able to guess the function of this piece that I picked up at the antique store in St. David. Now if I tell you that in St. David Arizona there are several pecan orchards you perhaps could deduce that this has something to do with nuts... and you would be right.
It is a nut picker upper! Used for nuts that have fallen already
I think the spring has slightly sprung on it  but I assume that the coils spread with pressure and spring back to grip the nut. I don't know if I would have ever guessed either.

I've been getting on the Etsy stick so to speak and trying to fill up my shop after my season of paleo dial-up in Alaska. As you may have noticed I have amped up my online presence as of late.

Thinning out some of my collections

And  these in my other shop NuminosityBeads
These sold immediately I'm happy to say...Thanks facebook! These went to Alaska.
 I was awfully proud of how these headpins came out so please forgive me for showing them off when they're unavailable. I'll try to make some more.

Super duper macro shot because this is my blog.
Find them Etsy here
Here's an addendum to this post. check out these beads
They're in my Etsy supplies shop here because I didn't make them myself
They're Tibetan Buddhist mala beads

And since you were good sports about the guessing game send me your address if you'd like a postcard from me as a thank you and holiday end of the year bonus.
Happy December all of you nuts!


  1. That is something I would have never guessed in a million years.
    Very cool.
    Love the bingo chips!
    I am off to check out those headpins.

  2. Never, ever would have guessed what that thing was, but we don't have not trees here, so...fascinating though. Headpins gorgeous orange. Have to check out your updated etsy. xox Corrine

  3. What a great phrase that is - nut picker upper! I would never have guessed.

  4. Is it my imagination, or are crafters happier than most people?

  5. Just bought your lovely lotto pieces, Kim! They are different than any I the decoration on them! Thanks!

  6. Kim, I haven't managed to drop by for a visit for some time, and had a great visit this evening, LOVE the headpins they are all so beautiful. Loved seeing all of the images of your Arizona home!



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