Saturday, December 10, 2011


I had a bit of fun making bangles with more than a bit of inspiration from fanciful devices
She's very free with the sharing of her techniques and ideas.
In fact she welcomes you to try to make anything that she shows on her blog, she's got plenty more ideas.

I used beads from my stash that I wouldn't normally use... like the big bag of beads someone thought I might be able to use. I didn't think so at the time because they don't necessarily go with my lampwork and designs but it was a fun exercise in freeing up my ideas of what can work.
Especially  the randomness, that helped make the funky beads look even funkier.
I used sari silk, mexican woven fabric and even some fabric scraps that I picked up on the migrant trail near our house. 
I made bright ones, brighter ones and some neutral ones

The hard part for me is sizing them. I have skinny wrists and tend to design for my size and then I wonder if I made some too big. We'll see.
Other news is that our apartment in Tucson is painted, tiled and carpeted now. it was too late in the evening for photos so I guess that will have to wait until next trip to the city.
meanwhile the Mr. is decorating the house and propping up our new tree and I'm being beckoned for assistance.
Ciao! xoxo Kim


  1. ooh, i love her shop! favorited it a while back. love your bracelets, too!

  2. wonderful bangles, & as you say, so free. You're a real artist to be able to make something using things 'out of your box' & comfort zone. Must get my Etsy going...

  3. It must have been great fun making these bangles ! I think each one created ideas for just another one !

  4. WOW - these are very very cool, Kim! Having lots of beads I don't normally use myself - thanks for sharing this good idea and link too. -sus

  5. Lucky you have a great Mr! Your bangles are gorgeous. I really like the frayed edges and the colour combinations.

  6. Festive beads and bangles! These must have been so fun to put together from what your amazing stash must hold. I like your colorful play. xox Corrine

  7. oh I really love these Kim!
    The sari material steals the show for me.
    I know what you mean about sizing, I too have tiny wrists and nothing ever fits me.
    I just saw the other day on Martha Stewart, they used a small jelly jar to size cuffs and bangles.
    saying that it was the average size of a wrist.

    Thanks too for your sweet comment for B's bday
    we had a great time :)

  8. Just Fab! You have entered a new level of expression and freedom in this work and it is awesome. Love to see your Play!

  9. loving the texture on these! Nothing beats a bit of mixed media in jewellery does it?!

  10. Those are awesome! I have NO luck with sari silk. It ends up looking like I tried out a Kindergarten project and failed.

  11. I think using stuff that I wouldn't normally use is better for these 'off' days drilling stones can be a headache when it's manic,
    sometimes it feels like too much stuff then it feels like there's nothing, be good to go out and play with the chickens or the garden if it ever stopped raining...


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