Friday, December 2, 2011

More Postcards

So I've kind of been on a postcard kick this week. Well, postcards, photographing, blogging and Etsy. Husband has gone to attend to the tiling of our new place so I've had more time to myself to go about my business... which besides studio time means catching up on a marathon of "In Treatment" in the evening and eating foods that he won't touch like eggplant and tempeh and nursing the cold I had.
(For those of you who may be see we now have a new apartment in Tucson two hours away which was too good of a deal to pass up so now we have a third place besides Alaska and Bisbee. When I say too good a deal to pass up I mean a one bedroom apt with access to a park and downtown and a swimming pool for less than the price of a new Subaru)

Gesso, pastels and scraps

Some more of my intuitive painting paper
 Boy, how I love using vintage diagrams in my collages!

Some more tequila decals. Credit for these stickers goes to artist Dr. Lakra

Time Life books at the thrift store are rife with images

For my own personal use of course... me and my potty mind

Why do group pictures of Chinese and Japanese women keep showing up in my pieces?
I think I need to dig deep into my collective Asian unconscious...err.. I mean subconcious for that answer.

Oh, you know by now how I am about head swapping and vintage lady bodies.
It's a delicious formula, try it sometime!

Uh oh, bad studio practices.. smudging...and not the purification kind.
I am such a hasty worker that everything gets all over everything else.
I know the rest of you artists are orderly and neat in every way...of course you are!


  1. Just so enjoyed looking over your collaged the image and "pottymind" reference, gave me a chuckle! Enjoy your new apt in Tucson! My nephew Ryan used to manage a restaurant in Sierra Vista called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, and he frequently visited Bisbee when ever he had spare time, as he said it is such a cool town with lots of artists....

  2. Great postcards! I love collaging on postcards. They're such a fun size to work with. :)

  3. yes you are a completely potty woman .....and I love you and your mad head swapping work ...ha ha .....x

  4. Potty mind for sure. I think you may require supervision when Dave is out of town!!!! Your humor changes when no one is around. xox Corrine

  5. In September I saw the statue with all the breasts (5th image from the top) twice in Rome--one at the Vatican Museum and one at the Capitoline Museum... fertility goddess of course!

  6. Looks like your having fun and enjoying your not so freezing weather !
    I love the postcard size and I have figured out one that is bigger and folds. So much fun.

    cheers, parsnip


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