Monday, November 28, 2011


I finally landed home after all of our travels, holidays and renovations and made it to Bisbee.
So looking forward to buckling down and getting into the studio to make some stuff and then picked up some sort of weepy drippy crud that requires a handkerchief affixed to my face  and a stuffed up head that's rendering brain rather useless... in fact I'm surprised I can type at all right now.
Wasn't sick once our whole time in Alaska...oh well at least this boss is lenient with sick of the perks of working for yourself I guess.
Don't you just love this page that I found in my brother's collection. I think it's from an 1800's book.
I've used a few of these faces in my ATC's before but it pretty much illustrates how I'm feeling right now. 
Don't worry though these things generally seem to run their course in a matter of 3 days or so I'll be back in business soon I hope.


  1. Great image. Hope you'll be up and running again soonest Kim. pen x

  2. This is a very funny image, and does capture the 'waaahhhhs' perfectly! Get better soon, Kim!

  3. So sad and so funny at the same time.
    Hope your better soon !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Those are not pretty baby faces - woah! Only you....xox Corrine

  5. poor you don't sneeze in this direction ....don't want a snotty nose as well as a bad back ...kisses from afar ...x

  6. Take care and give your boss a raise!

  7. Love those baby faces.

    Feel better soon.


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