Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Travel Journal

I managed to get into the studio and create, head full of crud notwithstanding
It's nice to find elements I had prepped over 6 months ago at the ready.
I had this sheet of ironed sari silk ribbon already affixed to wonder under so all I had to do was iron it to the  folded cereal box cardboard.

Same with this African fabric- already prepped.
I knew I needed a journal to bring on our India trip next month so that was my goal yesterday.

This is the inside cover

and this. I know, it looks like I have already traveled and filled it.
I guess I couldn't handle dreaded blank page syndrome already.

I had some thick gauge copper wire for binders that I hammered shut.
Now I can't add any more pages

All of the pages that I decorated do have blanks on the other side, just too boring to show here.

I used vintage calendar pages for some since they are also blank on the other side.
I should have included more pockets and I'm now beginning to have doubts that this is the journal that will travel with me because of its size and abundance of imagery and color already.
I kind of ran out of blank paper anyway so I just may have to try again and include more pockets on the next one
I made it with onion bag mesh and metal tape. I think it's rather ugly but my excuse is that I'm sick.
I do think it will be functional however.
Well, back to the drawing board. I may have to pull out the old 1890's treadle sewing machine and familiarize myself with it and make some proper pockets.
thanks for having a look!


  1. Kim - your sari materials look divine, and I like the functional look of the onion bag mesh one too. One can never have too many journals and yours are divine. Hope you feeling better soon. pen x

  2. how very cool.
    I don't think that it is ugly at all.
    So very talented in the repurposing of items that others would just toss aside.
    sad to hear you are not feeling well.
    I have to say it is the desert. People just weren't meant to live in these parts. LOL
    Get better soon

  3. Hi snotty ...you are funny ....!!....can't wait to see the filled journal what a feast that will be ....xx

  4. I don't think it will take long to fill that up! It will be overflowing no doubt, but it sounds perfectly light weight to take up no room on the trip. Bravo! xox Corrine

  5. Pah, you're gonna cover it right? (it looks great!) Have a lie down (raised up on pillows!) a hot sweet drink & get better soon! x

  6. that ironed sari silk is just fab... hope you feel better... xo

  7. This will be a fun travel journal, Kim! India...how exciting! Hope you are feeling better SOON!


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